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Capturing the Moment

I always feel a little silly having maternity photos taken, especially with it being my third child who is on the way. But I never regret having them taken. We get family photos taken a LOT and it sometimes seems a bit frivolous, but we all have our priorities, don’t we? And though there are things we may have to go without, I’m always so glad we invest in professional photography. Our photos are something I cherish the most. They’re hanging all over our house and the ones that aren’t, I return to often to look at in photo albums and on the archival CDs. I just love them.

The photographer we chose this time is one we’ve never used (because she’s very very VERY expensive), but I’ve long dreamed of her taking my photo because she’s AMAZING. And I daresay, our maternity photos from last month are my favorites yet (though it’s a tough race between these and the family photos we had taken in Hawaii in February!). Which is saying something, considering that I feel as if I’ve chosen some pretty amazing photographers over the years. I wish I could show ALL the photos in all their glory on this blog. There are so many others that I can’t show here — ones with a beautiful sunset and Cupcake hugging my belly and my girls and I in flower crowns and my family walking on the beach… But alas, for the sake of staying somewhat anonymous, I’ve had to do some careful cropping and editing. I hope I’m able to still showcase how magical these photos truly are. (If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve already seen the best of the best, so this post will probably be a bit ho-hum. 😉 )

But without further ado, here is a little looky-loo at me and my belly at 31 weeks…

With Skittle. I love it when they're this little and can sit comfortably on big bellies!

With Skittle. I love it when they’re this little and can sit comfortably on big bellies!

This is Cupcake's little hand. She's

This is Cupcake’s little hand. She’s “playing” with “Charlie,” the temporary nickname she’s given to Baby Poppy.

Robinson_Mat-71A Robinson_Mat-91 Robinson_Mat-146 Robinson_Mat-153B Robinson_Mat-166 Robinson_Mat-198A Robinson_Mat-204 Robinson_Mat-206A

Feeling Pretty

** This post will include lots of bump photos. Read at your own risk. xo **

One thing that I have found that pregnancy does for me is that it changes the way I view my body.

I am not typically very kind to myself. I make silent comments about my weight, the shape of my body, the acne on my face, and on and on, every day and often all day long. But when I am pregnant, I feel pretty. I love my breasts. I love my round belly. I love the way my clothes fit. I do not love the added acne that I have to face, but I am able to overlook it. Because I feel glorious. I feel so comfortable in my own skin.

And never have I felt more beautiful than when we had my maternity photos taken last month, at 34 weeks pregnant. I had my hair done for the occasion and my face was clear (mostly) and we chose the perfect photographer who was able to capture this special moment in our history with the most amazing photographs. I wish I could show them all to you because I loved every one. I mean, people, I loved them more than our wedding photos. They’re that good.

But alas, I am still kinda sorta trying to keep this blog somewhat anonymous. And so the photos that follow will have to suffice. But trust me when I say that there are so many more, and they’re even better than these.

IMG_5762 IMG_5794 IMG_5808 IMG_5836 IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5930 IMG_5937-2IMG_6265 IMG_6282