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The Never-Ending ‘To Do’ List

** pregnancy post **

I started preparing for Skittle’s arrival when I was 10-12 weeks pregnant, not because I yet had the courage to believe that she would actually be joining our family this fall, but out of necessity. My mom was in town and I needed her extra pair of hands to get stuff done that, otherwise, might have to wait for a very long time. In the time since, I have accomplished a lot. And still, I feel like there is so much to do.

As this second trimester winds down, I feel as though time is speeding up. This whole pregnancy has really disappeared in a flash, but every day seems to pass faster than the last. And with less than three months until my due date of October 3rd, I’m starting to feel like the items left on my To Do List are weighing me down more now than ever. And so for the sake of fully documenting this journey, and so that I can see clearly how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go, I’m putting my list right here for all of you to see.

First, what I have accomplished so far, in no particular order:

  • Cleaned out our Great Room to turn it into my new craft room/office
  • Moved Cupcake out of the nursery and into her new room
  • Found a photographer and scheduled our maternity and newborn photo sessions
  • Planned and threw a Gender Reveal Party
  • Shopped for maternity clothes
  • Began two baby registries
  • Told our close friends and family the news and went Facebook public
  • Sorted through all of my daughter’s old baby clothes and toys
  • Registered with our birth center
  • Shopped for a few baby items at a fancy baby boutique
  • Purchased all the essential items I need for the collage I’m creating on the nursery wall

And all the things still on the horizon (with a few non-Skittle items thrown in), once again in no particular order:

  • Road trip to Idaho for a cousin’s wedding
  • Research finding a new OB and hospital to deliver at…maybe???
  • Family photos in the city this Saturday, July 13
  • Buy some nursing tops because I have just two
  • Buy a new car!!! (my PT Cruiser just isn’t going to cut it anymore)
  • Maternity photos on August 24
  • Pack our hospital bags
  • Research having a natural childbirth in a hospital setting
  • Make a ton of freezer meals — I think my friends Lillian and Leigh will help with this
  • Attend my baby shower this Sunday, July 14 🙂
  • Ask Lillian and Leigh if they might like to be present for Skittle’s birth
  • Arrange childcare for Cupcake during labor and delivery and our hospital stay — I think my sis will do this
  • Celebrate my 30th birthday!
  • Start planning Lillian’s baby shower…because I like to plan ahead and have no idea how I’ll do it all after Skittle arrives
  • Find out what my in-laws’ plans are for Skittle’s arrival
  • Shop for the rest of the items I need for our new baby
  • Finish crocheting Skittle’s blanket (I only have the border left)
  • Shop for Halloween costumes for Cupcake and Skittle because I have no desire to do it in the postpartum period
  • Finish the nursery
  • Refresh my memory on breastfeeding
  • Schedule Skittle’s baptism for the first month after her birth
  • Choose godparents???
  • Have my OB sign FMLA paperwork so my mom can get the time off of work to spend with us after delivery
  • Take a deep, deep breath and know that, somehow, everything will come together and I will complete all of this

Now that I look at it, that is still a LOT to do in about twelve weeks’ time. Maybe I shouldn’t have listed it out after all… But as overwhelming as it is to look at and think about, I know this is what I have waited for so long. It’s so much better than a to do list that includes monitoring ultrasounds and bloodwork and googling myself senseless and two week waits and obsessing over symptoms (or lack thereof) and researching herbs and vitamins and buying more OPKs (and more and more) and worrying about all the things I can’t control. I haven’t forgotten those days, or those of you still in the trenches. My heart is with you all, and I can only hope and pray that, one day, each of you will have a to do list of another kind.

So this list is long, but I’m lucky. I’m blessed. I’m tired, too, so I guess it’s time for a little rest. And then on to making dinner and having a shower and all those things that didn’t even make it onto the list!