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I’m a Good Sister.

Well, you can’t tell from my last post, but I’m a good sister.

At least, I think I am. Today.

Though I was still hurting from her news and the way in which she’d told me, I bought my sis this while we were in Idaho:

I know it’s hard to tell from the photos, but it’s a “piggy” bank shaped liked a teddy bear. Not so long ago (before she ever got pregnant), my sister mentioned how she wants to do the nursery in teddy bears. Just like we did for Cupcake. So I thought this was the perfect thing. (But please don’t even get me started on how she’ll be using the same middle name as Cupcake if she has a daughter…or how she’ll quite possibly be “stealing” the boy name I have had picked out for years if she has a son.)

For days, I have been going back and forth on whether I should actually send it to her. I don’t want her to think it’s some sort of apology. After talking to my mama and my Honey, and after reading every supportive comment that you all have left on previous posts, I don’t really think I’ve done anything wrong. And I fear that she’ll think this gift is an admission that I have. But then I realized I was being silly and petty. Who cares what she thinks? I know why I’m sending it. And it’s not an apology, but a truce. A peace offering.

So despite my sister’s e-mail to me over the weekend, I put it in the mail earlier this week.

Guys, I am trying. I’m trying so damn hard.

So yes, I think that makes me a good sister. Come on…I dare you to tell me I’m not.