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Odds ‘n’ Ends: Yeast Infections, Baby Aspirin, and More

First, a warning: This post mentions pregnancy, like always. And the next two paragraphs are about my vagina. There will be talk of discharge. If you’re squeamish, feel free to scroll down.

For over a week now, I’ve had some vaginal itching. It has come and gone and changed in its intensity throughout the days and I’ve been trying to manage the discomfort with vaginal wipes and extra showers. I’m pretty sure it’s a yeast infection because A) I’ve had them before, though never in pregnancy. My other two experiences were while taking Provera last year, but according to all my research YI’s are incredibly common when with child. And B) there’s some of the classic “cottage cheese” discharge. It’s not much and I don’t see it every day, but it’s there.  I was planning to ask my OB about all of this at my next prenatal appointment, on Tuesday, but last night I just couldn’t take it anymore. After an afternoon of constant itching and bemoaning how miserable I felt, I decided to call the on-call nurse. She agreed that it was most likely a YI and gave me permission to use Monistat to treat it. She said her reference recommended the 7-day cream or suppositories, but told me it was my call if I chose a 1- or 3-day treatment instead.

So last night, I started the 7-day cream and, today, I feel even worse. I mean, the itching and burning is not just irritating now, it is unbearable. So much so that, this morning, I was curled on the floor, crying, because it just felt impossible to endure a moment longer. Which, of course, I have. I know that from my past experiences, Monistat can and does cause the itching to increase while using it and then the discomfort improves throughout the day until the cream wears off, but returns again with another dose. After completing the treatment, though, I suspect that I will feel much better, as I always have before. But for now, I just have to get through this. In this moment, my vag is mildly itchy but not to the point where I can’t function. Tomorrow, I fear, will be another repeat of what happened when I awoke today. This is seriously getting in the way of Life. That is, I can’t walk on the treadmill like I do every day, I can’t chase my daughter around the house, and I’m not sure how I’ll get it together enough to go grocery shopping first thing tomorrow morning. Which is why I will be switching from the 7-day cream to the 3-day suppositories in hopes that it won’t be quite as bad, or at least the discomfort won’t go on for quite as long. Has anyone else had this same horrible experience with YI’s and treatment? Particularly while pregnant? Anyone have any great home remedies to help with the itching right now? Please, if you do — reveal your secrets! I am willing to try almost anything, as long as it is safe in pregnancy.

Also, I have another question for you fellow infertiles who have gone or are going through a pregnancy…when does one typically stop taking baby aspirin in pregnancy? I had thought that stopping it about a month before the due date was the typical answer to this. But then I read — somewhere — that aspirin or ibuprofen can cause a heart valve (I think) in the baby’s heart to close too early, which then made me panic that I could, inadvertently, be killing or harming our little Skittle. To be fair, my RE never supported my use of baby aspirin, but never told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t take it either. She just didn’t deem it necessary, but I felt compelled to to use it as a precaution. I haven’t asked my OB for his opinion on it, because I’m afraid he’ll tell me I can stop taking it at any time because he’s not as familiar with miscarriage or infertility, and I don’t know if that’s the right answer either. I don’t want to do anything irresponsible either way. So instead, I’m coming to all of you, to hear what your doctors have told you to do, and I will then make some sort of decision from there.

In other news:

  • I successfully weaned myself from my progesterone suppositories a couple weeks ago. Not a drop of blood in sight, but that didn’t stop me from tossing and turning a few nights, in constant fear that I would start spotting at any moment. Thankfully, though, it appears my placenta is doing its job and I needn’t have worried so many days away after all.
  • I’m feeling definite baby movement now. The last three days, there has been a significant change in how frequent and how strong the movement is. And with every kick or roll I feel, I just fall even more in love with this little being that is becoming inside of me.
  • Today, at 17w3d, I had a stranger ask me if I’m expecting. Well, okay…she’s more of an acquaintance and she didn’t ask me, she asked my husband, but still. It feels like a huge milestone to have someone who doesn’t know you’re pregnant or even TTC notice your bump and have enough confidence in her assessment to ask the big question aloud. I didn’t get that from anyone until I was about 20-22 weeks pregnant with Cupcake, so it was exciting to experience it so early in this pregnancy.
  • A 16-week bump photo is up on the Skittle page!

A La Dr. Young

I had a successful appointment with my RE this afternoon. I went there feeling jittery with nerves. I was expecting to leave feeling discouraged, after hearing nothing but gloom and doom and being told that our only hopes of conception are IUI or, worse, IVF. I got none of that.

We came up with a plan going forward, which I’ll get to in a minute, but first, we talked about plenty of other things. A *quick* summary:

  • Dr. Young thinks it’s probably wise to quit taking all the vitamins that we are on as they aren’t well regulated and there is not solid research proving that they are beneficial for reproduction. She thinks the only ones to continue with are the prenatal, omegas, and vitamin D (because of the climate we live in).
  • She would advise me to discontinue baby aspirin until after my BFP. I am young and healthy, so it is unlikely that I’ll develop an ulcer or bleeding issues from the aspirin, but it’s still possible and she always likes to error on the side of caution.
  • She will gladly prescribe progesterone suppositories, but she stressed the importance of taking them at the right time in my cycle. If I am being monitored and doing a trigger shot, I can take them three days after ovulation. If I am just predicting date of ovulation by OPKs, she wants me to wait a week just to be on the safe side.
  • She reviewed my 2009 2 hour glucose tolerance test. One value was abnormal and had me worried about possible insulin resistance, but she doesn’t think one abnormality is a concern. She would still recommend stopping the Metformin (I have been reluctant to thus far). She says she used to give it out like candy ten years ago, but after a study was done with Metformin and Clomid proving only a very few people benefit from it (by ovulating) in taking only Met, she thinks it’s unnecessary and worries about long-term safety.
  • Dr. Y reviewed my husband’s semen analysis with us and says his motility and count are excellent (which we already knew). The morphology is a concern and some doctors would automatically recommend IVF, but she says she’s not one of them. In a perfect world (where cost and time aren’t a consideration), she would say go with IVF w/ ICSI because it would give us our best chance. I’d probably be pregnant in a month or two, she predicted. But with the amount of money and time that must be invested in an IVF cycle, and with our prior two successes (BFPs), she doesn’t think it’s warranted yet. Nor is IUI. She wants to continue on the same road we have been.
  • She is billing my insurance under “PCOS” and “irregular periods,” but she did warn me that the insurance company can do with that information as they want. They could still deny coverage if they find out I’m taking Clomid. Fingers crossed that they don’t decide to be jerks about this!

Basically, from all of this, I got that my doctor is conservative in the drugs/supplements she encourages and describes, and likes things to be as simple as they can be. I respect that and I respect her. She’s got fantastic bedside manner, is open to all questions, and I appreciate that she seems well-read and well-informed. I truly trust her. However, that does not mean I necessarily agree with every recommendation. At this point, I’m going to continue baby aspirin and Metformin. I’m just too scared to quit right now. But I will re-evaluate the vitamins we’re taking and start with progesterone suppositories — but next cycle. This one, since I don’t have much hope for it and it’s already 9dpo, I’m just going to relax and take things easy.

And now for the plan… When my period comes, we will try 150mg (instead of 100) of Clomid in hopes that it may help my body to respond and ovulate sooner than CD20+. There is a greater chance of side effects, none of which I am particularly concerned about except possibly the elevated risk of cysts (because I’ve had them in the past) and the thinning of my lining. However, my last u/s (on CD16) showed a multi-layered lining of 11.5 (and that was after many months of Clomid), so Dr. Y is very encouraged that it may not affect me too much. And if the 150mg doesn’t work? We’ll do a combo cycle with Clomid (or Femara?) and an FSH shot.

I am pretty comfortable and happy with this plan. We’re moving forward, trying something new, but not doing anything too drastic. I’m slightly freaked out by taking Clomid for so many cycles and about the cost of the FSH and about giving myself an injection (eek!), but one day at a time, right? One step at a time. Breathe in. Breathe out.