An Update, At Last

It’s been a month since I last came here and recounted the story of our home-selling/buying drama and my mega-freak outs. I was in a great deal of turmoil for a few weeks there but I’m relieved to report it’s all over now. We are still living out of boxes and I’m a little overwhelmed with everything we need to do, but we moved into our new home two weeks ago and are soooooo happy. I can feel the sense of peace and joy deep within. I’m yelling and crying no more. I feel connected with and close to Honey again. My three little ones are enjoying their new room and yard and making friends with the neighbor kids. We love the extra space we now have. It’s pretty much a fairy tale around here right now.


During moving weekend, we also threw a big joint birthday party for my Poppy and Skittle. A birthday bash AND moving? The timing was basically as bad as it could get and it was a insane few days with very little sleep and a whole lot of stress. BUT we survived it with the help of our little village and now Poppy is one and Skittle is three and life feels incredible and magical and wonderful. I wish things could stay this way forever. (Well, maybe with a few less boxes to unpack.)

Other news:

  • The five of us flew to Idaho for a seven-hour, whirlwind trip at the end of August for my dad’s memorial service. It was so good to reunite with family and friends I hadn’t seen in years. And to hear others say such nice things about my dad. To remember he had some redeeming qualities. To know that his life wasn’t a total waste. I felt sad flying back home, like it was my final good-bye to that man. Tears gathered in my eyes as we took off. Strange as it sounds considering our history, I miss him sometimes.
  • A while ago, another one of my articles was published on Scary Mommy. But it was published here first.

And that’s it. The past few months have been consumed almost entirely by planning a party for our littlest ones, my dad’s death, and especially selling/buying a house and now we’re mostly past that. There’s stuff to unpack and furniture to assemble, cupboards to paint and hardware to change, but the crisis is over. It’s weird. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.

But other than the one-hour commute twice a day to take Cupcake to/from school, I have no complaints. I’m enjoying the stillness. The bliss.

Life is really, really good.

4 thoughts on “An Update, At Last

  1. I’m so glad that the house and moving worked out! Being happier and calmer would definitely bring more peace to the household. Congrats on the new place!

    • With the old place, we eventually found someone who could repair the septic quickly for a fairly reasonable price. His company wasn’t as big or as professional as we would have liked, but the buyer of the old house coincidentally knew and liked the owner of this company and was fine with him doing the repair. Thank God!

      And I will try to post photos of the inside of our new house just as soon as I have it mostly unpacked and it is looking a bit like how I want it! xo

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