Photo Update: 9 Months Old

I’m not going to take the time to do a proper update on Poppy for this milestone, but I will say this: He’s as sweet and lovable as ever. Full of charm. Constantly wanting the affection and attention of everyone he meets. He smiles and laughs ALL the time. Which is a good thing, because otherwise the new, once-a-night wakings might not be bearable. He still has no teeth, which could explain those midnight wakings…they must be arriving any day, right?!?! He’s pondering crawling. He yells just for the fun of it. He slept through his first AND second plane ride (thank GOD, because up until the moment we boarded the plane, he was doing the before-mentioned yelling-because-it’s-fun). And for all the chub and rolls that he has, it’s hard to believe that BOTH of his sisters weighed more at nine  months than he does. Love this boy so much!

3 thoughts on “Photo Update: 9 Months Old

  1. These photos are simply stunning! Leif and Poppy are very similar. L’s already started the yelling just for fun. And Poppy’s rolls are the most delicious things I’ve ever seen. Such a gorgeous baby boy!

  2. He’s GORGEOUS!!! His cheeks! I think he’s looking more like Skittle now. The photos are gorgeous. That blanket is amazing- bought or made? How was your vacation? How’s the house hunting/selling going? Must be crazy with 3 little ones.

    • Aw, thank you for all the kind words! I made the blanket — one of my many crocheting projects while I was pregnant with him. Our getaway to Idaho was a whirlwind, but a lot of fun. And next week, we are headed to the Oregon coast for Poppy’s first beach trip. Very exciting! House-hunting and -selling is going slowly. We’re still getting our house ready to put on the market, but are making serious progress. We plan for it to be ready by Aug 8 and then we’ll start seriously house-hunting too. Just praying the whole process can be as quick and smooth as possible!

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