3 Months Old

As of two weeks and one day ago, Poppy is three months old. The 4th trimester is over! We survived! Except, it hardly feels as though we’ve moved on from survival mode since this baby would much rather be in our arms or on our laps than sit politely (and quietly) elsewhere. All. Day. Long.

But he does sleep through the night. In 12-hour stretches. So there’s that.

I really shouldn’t complain.

And there are other wonderful things about Poppy too:

  • He smiles more than any other baby I’ve ever known.
  • He loves people — being held by them, yes. But also spoken to, sung to, smiled at, and tickled by them. And he loves to watch them curiously as they go about their business. Please just don’t ignore him for too long.
  • He looks at his big sis, Cupcake, with such wide-eyed reverence, as though she herself hung the moon and stapled each star into the sky.
  • He has loud, squealing giggle fits in the evenings. It’s possibly the cutest thing to happen ever.
  • And those soft, pinchable cheeks! Who can resist them?

10 thoughts on “3 Months Old

  1. Oh, he’s just gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle and tickle and play with him all day?! (You know, it’s not like you have anything else to do all day. 😉)

    • I wish I had one! Mostly it’s just about serious, determined consistency and routine for us. And we don’t co-sleep, which I think makes a difference. (I’m not opposed to co-sleeping at all; I just think that being so close to the milk source could cause unnecessary awakenings, as well as anytime Mom or Dad get in/out bed or roll over.) He does sleep next to our bed in a bassinet, and I have learned not to jump up and tend to him every time he stirs or makes a peep as he often settles back down on his own, so that helps too.

      More than anything, though, I have a feeling that my big sleep “secret” is genetics. All three of my kids have been great nighttime sleepers (daytime is a whole other story) by the time that they were three months and my mom says I was the same way. And I’m sure it helps that they also gain weight extraordinarily fast (around 2-4lbs a month for the first six months), so they aren’t really in “need” of those nighttime feedings, you know?

      • Everything you explained makes total sense! Funny enough, I didn’t cosleep with Daphne until 6 months and before that she was in a bassinet as well. My big mistakes WAS responding to every single sound. I was just such a hoverer haha. I hope to do things differently with my son! Room sharing, but not bed sharing!

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