#MicroblogMondays: Yesterday

Yesterday was a day like any other.

Except it wasn’t.

My girls awoke and got dressed and had breakfast, but they also had a special ornament and treat waiting in their shoes for St. Nicholas Day.

We went to church, but instead of sitting in the sanctuary, we went to the Great Room for the children’s Christmas program.

And though I got up and fed my baby and put on lip gloss and my black boots like I so often do, there was a sadness that hung over me like a winter fog, a sadness that ran deep and couldn’t be defined or explained.

Until I walked into our bathroom and saw this necklace, waiting to be worn:


and I remembered. That second birthstone…the blue, December one…was a baby, a baby who never got to be born and was due — due to be held, due to be loved — three years ago yesterday.

I was sad and while my head briefly had forgotten why, my heart did not.

December 6th.

It will never be just an ordinary day again.

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