#MicroblogMondays: Over

I went to see my OB for my postpartum check-up today. I know Poppy was born a whole six weeks ago and the “fourth trimester” continues for yet another six weeks, but seeing my doc made me feel like my pregnancy and postpartum period is officially over. I’m sad.

I’m obviously so glad my baby is here, but I’m sad the magic, mystery, and anticipation of pregnancy is once again over. Sad that I won’t be back to visiting that office of wonder (and nerves and worry and stress) for another year, maybe more. Maybe never, if that’s what God and destiny decide. Sad that I don’t have an extra excuse to escape from my family once or twice or four times each month.

And sad that, soon enough, all of this will be over once and for all. Forever.

3 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: Over

  1. I completely identify with this exactly as you wrote it. These feelings are real and valid. I have felt what you are feeling; and I feel it again now 2 weeks post-pardum. That office has always brought me comfort, even in the TTC and loss days. It’s a weird thing our hormones do to us.
    Your last sentence just guts me…and hits so, so close to home.

  2. That’s got to be a surreal and tough time, to have that mysterious, magical time over and not know if it will happen again. It’s good to have milestones, but more and more it seems they are all bittersweet…the beginning of something new, but the end of something else.

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