Seeking Help!

I’m at a breaking point and, in an effort to reach the masses, am going to post exactly what I posted on Facebook just moments ago:

Seeking advice and tips! For over three days now, I have been VERY congested. Thought it was my seasonal allergies, but now I suspect a cold. I can’t breathe AT ALL, have had two nights of almost zero sleep, and am feeling pretty miserable. Hoping the symptoms will let up soon, but in the meantime am looking for anything that might help to relieve the horrible congestion, plugged ears, and sinus pressure. What hasn’t worked: saline nasal spray, sitting in a steamy hot shower, BreatheRight nasal strips, Vicks, steam from a boiling pot of water, Sudafed, and Benadryl. The ONLY thing that provides relief is a medicated, fast-acting nasal spray, but it only lasts an hour or so and I can only use it every four hours for three days max and I’m trying soooooo hard to not even do that. Any other ideas out there? Anything I haven’t tried? Give me all you’ve got, people! I’m feeling desperate and, as long as it’s safe for the baby, will try just about anything!

If you have any new ideas for me, please don’t hesitate to suggest them. I am really, really, really getting desperate. Like, really. :p

11 thoughts on “Seeking Help!

  1. I’ve been told garlic or onion (or maybe both) cooked in raw honey is supposed to do wonders for congestion but I never tried it. I was also told it tastes nasty.

  2. Ugh, you poor thing! I had this very issue a few weeks ago, and it was miserable! 😦

    What worked for me was a combination of constant humidity and hydration – ran the humidifier in whatever room I was in, along with one running in the bedroom at all times – and lots of liquids!, twice daily use of a Neti-pot (it’s gross, but it works if you have a mucus-y congestion vs. a swollen sinus type congestion), a regular non-medicated saline nasal spray – again, about twice daily, and sleeping on an incline.

    I also got so desperate, I tried this thing the “crunchy mamas” group I am in recommended, called the Cold Sock Treatment. I don’t know if it helped, or if I was just on my way to recovering, but that night I slept better than I had for several in a row:

    Get well soon, my friend!!!

  3. Have you tried a neti pot? Literally shooting the water up and through your nose? People swear by it. And have you been posting here lately? I know you backed off from blogging, and if you plan to start up again, please put a follow by email button on your site so I don’t miss a post! 🙂

  4. I also say Neti Pot. People have mixed feelings about it but I like it. Have you also tried Vicks on your FEET at night with socks? Weird but it helps. Also, sinus massage if you can handle it. Apply pressure to the top of your nose and forehead in between your eyes and it helps with the pressure a bit.

    Also, Chlor-trimeton (or the generic equiv) is safe during pregnancy and can help dry up your sinuses. For pressure, food ol’ Tylenol can help too because it can reduce some of the inflammation in your nose. When I got sick in my last pregnancy, I also started taking vitamin c again. I dont know how much it helped though.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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