Cuteness Overload

Skittle is a month old now and her CD of newborn photos finally arrived in the mail last week. Sadly, I wasn’t quite as pleased with them as I was with my maternity photos (which still make me sigh with how beautiful they are). But nevertheless, they are lovely. And as I told our photographer, they perfectly capture Skittle’s preciousness and the love we have for her.

So without further ado, please forgive me for this cuteness overload… (I’m sorry. I know I’m going overboard with all the photos. I promise I’ll stop soon! Really!)


I love, love, love lace. And I think it’s perfect for Skittle’s old-fashioned and feminine name:

IMG_0314A IMG_0324

My friend Leigh, who acted as my doula during my labor and delivery, made this hat for Skittle:

IMG_0269And because her nursery has a teddy bear theme (upcoming post about that):


I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I couldn’t resist this one:


A butterfly, in memory of our Teddy Graham:

IMG_0296 IMG_0276

Because she’s an October baby and was approximately the size of a pumpkin at birth…and now must live with the not-so-original nickname of “Pumpkin:”


Asleep on the blanket I made for her:


All those long months of TTC, I would dream of this, a baby sleeping so sweetly on my chest. And now I have Skittle, who would do this all day long if I let her:


No matter whether we call her by her legal name or “Pumpkin” (as I call her) or “Flipper” (as my husband does), on this blog she will always be known as “Skittle.” So this one is for all of you:

Has anyone realized that Skittle is my rainbow baby and the Skittles slogan is "taste the rainbow"? I wish I could say I was that clever and planned it that way...but no. I just realized the connection this week. It's pretty perfect, though, isn't it?!

Has anyone realized that Skittle is my rainbow baby and the Skittles slogan is “taste the rainbow”? I wish I could say I was that clever and planned it that way…but no. I just realized the connection this week. It’s pretty perfect, though, isn’t it?!

17 thoughts on “Cuteness Overload

    • The photo shoot was about four hours long, but that included time for breastfeeding and handling my toddler’s tantrums. And as for not waking her, we just chose a photographer who is a professional and knows all the tricks to keep babies feeling sleeping (well fed, warm room, sound machine, etc.).

      • My advice is to be sure to nurse him right before the shoot begins. Hopefully, he’ll be sleepy and happy then. Newborn photographers are very experienced with this and know all the tricks. I’m sure he’ll be fine. And the photos will be beautiful!

  1. How did you get so many different headbands? Did you buy them or did the photographer provide them? (Gorgeous headbands BTW. Love them!)

    • Most of the hats and headbands belonged to the photographer. I think that’s pretty typical. Newborn photographers usually have a LOT of props because they know that’s what the mommies want!

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