October 15th

I will keep this brief, but I could not let Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day go unacknowledged. I may have my rainbow baby suckling at my breast as I type this, but I have not forgotten. I have not forgotten my Teddy Graham and I have not forgotten each of you and your babies who have come and gone. In fact, since giving birth to Skittle, I have felt the weight of my previous loss heavier than I have in some time. Things change, we move forward, we find new hope and joy in the days that follow, but still…our lost babies live on in our hearts. The lessons they teach us in their absence and the role they have in our lives forevermore may be their only legacy, but it is a valuable one at that. Your babies matter, friends, and I hope today has been kind to all of you and gentle on your hearts. Hugs today and always. xo

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