Tomorrow’s the Day!

Howdy Y’all!

This is Super-Awesome.  I’m the husband.  I am writing this blog post because my wife is too busy getting ready for tomorrow (Tuesday).  After I tell you what is happening, I’m sure you’ll understand.

So my wife went to the doctor’s today and our normal pregnancy was turned upside down, literally.  I guess we’ve got a breech baby now.  so they scheduled her for a c-section.

Now when I heard this, I said “Hold the phone, Tonto.  Why aren’t we trying to flip the baby (ECV)?”  Well I guess we have an anterior placenta and those are at a higher risk of complications.  So I guess we are going into surgery tomorrow.  12:30pm.  My wife is devastated by this turn of events, and very scared, but I know we’ll be fine. I just hope she can make it half a day without food.  She sometimes gets a little grouchy without a nosh.

We’re fixin’ to meet with our doctor tomorrow at 8am and he’s pretty progressive so he might be able to convince him to do a “family centered” or “natural” c-section.  Or we might get lucky and this baby has turned head-down again.

Any-whoozel.  Wish us luck.  The next blog post will be my wife telling you all about our “little flipper.”  Also known as Skittle.

–The Hubster

16 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the Day!

  1. You really don’t know me from a bar of soap – I tripped across your blog when feeling down one day and have really loved getting your little updates over the last few months. I just wanted to say how excited I am for you guys! All the best for skittle’s arrival tomorrow!

  2. Oh wow! Huge change of events! Good luck tomorrow. I had a breech c section and it was not nearly as rough as I thought. Best piece of advice: have her start milk of magnesia as soon after surgery as possible. That post c section BM is harsh and the milk of mag makes it wayyy better! Xoxo

  3. I was petrified too. Tell her to just keep telling herself these people do this every day. She’s in good hands. I also made sure I told the anesthesiologist ahead of time that I’d be nauseous so she’d give me something preventative.
    The not eating part stinks. It’s really tough. Once they give her the IV it kind of helps, but tell her to just try to focus on something else. Maybe bring some music to listen to while she waits to go in. I do remember being starving. But then after I could care less about eating lol. GL!!!! 🙂

  4. OMG…so exciting! I had a C section done and it wasn’t too bad at all..I know it can be a disappointment when you are planning on things to go one way and then it goes a completely different way..but the end result is worth it all!! Thinking of you!!

  5. Welcome husband! Pretty cool to “hear” a bit of your personality coming through a post after hearing about you through many posts written by Cassi!

    Wishing Cassi, you, Skittle and Cupcake a great day tomorrow. I know it’s not what Cassi wanted, but once Skittle is in her arms, I hope it will be a distant thought.

  6. Wow great blog hubster thumbs up for taking care of this for you lovely wife.:)
    I hope it all went ok and well.:) just catching up now lol Internet went down ahhhhh.

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