Skittle Update

It’s been another week full of appointments as we monitor this pregnancy and Skittle’s well-being and I wanted to update all of you on our “progress” (if you can even call it that)…


With my elevated blood pressure, I have been having twice-weekly prenatal appointments. For this visit, my BP was the lowest it has been in three weeks or so at 137/85. The nurse practitioner and I were both quite happy with that. Either way, we did a non-stress test and Skittle passed yet again without any question. A quick ultrasound showed that she is head-down (just as she was at last Thursday’s appt), which made this mama very happy to hear. And a cervical check showed that my cervix is very soft, 40% effaced, and 1cm dilated. It’s not much, but it’s something and I was excited to hear that things are heading in the right direction!


This ultrasound was mainly to monitor my amniotic fluid levels and Skittle’s growth, but I was also super happy to see that Skittle is still head-down. I was feeling hiccups by my ribs on the drive over and it made me nervous that she had flipped. But she hadn’t, thank goodness. My amniotic fluid is more than adequate, in the 74th percentile, which is great. And in the last two weeks, Skittle appears to have gained another pound or so. She is now estimated to be 9lbs 9oz, give or take up to 22oz. This is probably an over-estimate, but either way, it looks like Skittle is going to be a big baby. Which scares me, I’ll admit. Because that’s a whole lot of baby to push out of my vagina without the use of drugs. And how much more will she grow before she decides to make her entrance? Even more, though, it saddens me. Cupcake was much smaller at birth (7lbs 2 oz) and I think I’m going to miss having a teeny tiny baby. Everyone assures me that she’ll still feel small and precious, but it’s something I have to come to come to grips with. I don’t know if that even makes sense to any of you, because it’s hard for me to adequately articulate, but I feel like I’m mourning. Just a little. I’ll work through it, though, and we’re still very excited to welcome this baby into our home. Another couple ultrasound photos of Skittle (probably my last ones!) have been posted on the Skittle page.


My BP is staying fairly stable at 142/86 and Skittle once again passed her NST.  My doctor is still slightly concerned about Skittle’s size, but he says he doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a 9-pounder, just by palpation of my belly. (And for the record — neither do I! I just don’t feel that big.) And he did a cervical check as well, but in his words, my cervix “isn’t doing much.” So yeah. That was a bit of a disappointment. Just because I want it to do something so much. I want this baby to come out before she does turn into a baby with a two digit birth weight.  I go back on Monday and then again next Thursday, at which point Dr. Smiles and I will come up with a “plan.” I know that’s his way of hinting about induction. And that’s not a discussion I want to have.  So I’m feeling impatient and nervous and anxious, all while still trying to enjoying these last few days…or weeks? (Please, no!)

In other news, my mom arrives tonight to await the birth of her second granddaughter and we are excited she’ll be with us for a month or more to help care for both of our girls while we adjust to having another baby around here. It’s so hard to believe that we have finally, finally arrived at this perfect, long-prayed-for point in time. My due date is next week!  And, as everyone keeps reminding me, Skittle could come anytime now. Whenever she is ready, so are we. We are more than ready!

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