Ideas/Opinions Needed & Wanted

Friends, I should first clarify something from my last post. When I said I had four weeks left, I was technically referring to the fact that I will be considered full-term (37 weeks) then. I am now 3 weeks away from that day, but am still six weeks away from my actual due date of Oct 3. Make sense? So sorry for the confusion!

But now that I am getting so close to that October day, it’s time to start considering what I should do with my leftover fertility drugs. And I want your help.

I have a small handful of drugs that I have carefully stored, just in case Skittle didn’t make it and I needed them in the future. I still do not feel comfortable doing away with them until after she is here in my arms, safe and sound. But that day is quickly approaching and I need a game plan.

Here’s what I have:

  • 15 Clomid pills, 50mg each (exp 1/12/2014)
  • 10 Clomid pills, 50mg each (exp 11/2/2013)
  • 20 Medroxypr pills (generic progesterone for period induction), 10mg each (exp 8/28/13)
  • 1 trigger shot (Pregnyl, 10,000 units) (exp 11/8/2013)
  • Follistim AQ 300IU, a total of $400 worth (exp 1/18/2014)
  • 2 Follistim pens, each with 8 needles

Just a note…I think the expiration dates are only an estimate. It seems that the standard is for a pharmacy to list an expiration date for exactly one year after the prescription is filled, so I imagine many of these drugs will still be good beyond that date.

So the big question is, what do I do with all of this? I can’t sell them because that’s illegal. I asked the fertility clinic for their suggestions way back in February, hoping that they may accept the drugs and give them to a patient who can’t afford them, but they don’t do that. Behind closed doors, they do suggest that we give them to a friend who may need them. I don’t have any IRL friends who do, but I have you guys. Ideally, I’d like to do a giveaway after Skittle arrives to pass these drugs off to a bloggie friend in need. But is mailing them legal??? I have conflicting information and, while I really do not want all of this helpful fertility medication to go to waste, I’d really prefer not to spend Skittle’s first few months of life in the slammer. (Maybe I’m being paranoid, but it wouldn’t be the first time.) My other dilemma is that the Follistim needs to be refrigerated and I’m not sure how to go about mailing it and keeping it cool enough to maintain its quality.

So please help! Opinions, ideas, suggestions, pleas for these drugs to be donated to you or someone you know…I’m open to it all. At this point, I’m undecided what to do, but I’m impressionable and can easily be convinced! All I know is that, if I can help someone else on this journey, then perhaps I will finally have my answer as to why I’ve had to go through this in the first place. xo

10 thoughts on “Ideas/Opinions Needed & Wanted

  1. I’m having the same dilemma! First I said I’d give it away if I got pregnant, then I said if give it away before I left to Kuwait (8 weeks), then I said after the first trimester and I’m still sooo reluctant to do so until after I give birth! It’s so nerve wrecking, at the same time I need someone to use these drugs. They’re expensive. They’re hard for everyone to afford. My drugs are a little different though (IVF drugs). What I do know is that my fertility office does accept extra meds (they gave me some extra ones when I couldn’t get my prescription filled in time, their fault not mine lol). I don’t know where you live, but you may want to contact other fertility offices, they may accept them. I’m not too sure about shipping the meds, I’m in the same boat as you I might be a little reluctant incase it’s not allowed.

  2. I am friends with some IF people on twitter – I can ask them if they need any? My clinic *might* take donations, too. I can email my old IVF nurse about that as well

  3. I know someone (cough) who sold hers from an online site that does just that (how can that be illegal if the site is up and running?) Anyway, she did it and made back a bunch of her wasted IVF money, and is currently parenting her child… and never did time. The solution to mailing the refrigerated meds is that they make special mailer envelopes just for that purpose. It was bright silver and pretty cool… kept the stuff nice and frosty for the girl across country that bought it. Do what you’re comfortable doing, but I’m just sayin… I know someone who had no problem selling them to women in need. But I like the idea of finding a clinic near you that would accept donations. That seems doable, oh so helpful, and much less of a pain in the ass. SOOooooo glad you are at this point, by the way… pretty positive you won’t need those damned drugs anymore. 😉

  4. Same thing happened to me a while back. I thought about mailing them to a friend until I read the harsh warnings on the bottle. It totally sucks that these drugs end up wasted because of these stupid laws. Someone needs to set up some type of donation center for fertility drugs. I am sure they would help out someone who is struggling to afford them. Your heart is in the right place! If you do find someone who will take them, please let me know!

  5. I have no clue about the legality of it and chances are the laws in Canada could be different from your laws, but as for keeping the follistim cool, you could mail it in a frio pack. You soak it in cold water and these little balls swell up and keep medication cool. My husband uses it for traveling with his insulin. Whoever gets the follistim could pay for the frio pack, that’s certainly not illegal.

  6. It’s a shame that your clinic won’t (or can’t) take the meds from you. Perhaps check into other clinics and see if they would be willing to take them? Of course I think it would be so awesome if you could send them to a blogger in need. We already have a pretty wonderful community. How incredible would it be if we were all allowed to pass unused meds along to those in need with out legal ramifications standing in the way?

  7. He he he a little thought….stalk the fertillity clinic …wait out side …pounce on a unsuspecting lady and offer her it all ….just a thought .:) your good deed of the day too. Xxx 🙂

  8. I could use your left over meds!! We just ship them across border via regular post. I have received meds from England!! Totally illegal, but we do it anyway 🙂

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