Project Baby Blanket

As I have mentioned before, my dear friend Lillian taught me to crochet this spring. It was a rough start for me. I was annoyed and frustrated and embarrassed by feeling like I was all thumbs. I felt so uncoordinated, so stupid. A number of times, I thought about giving up. A number of times, I wanted to throw my ball of yarn and crochet hook out the window. I never could have imagined that just two months later, I would create a baby blanket for Skittle that I could be proud of:

IMG_8136 IMG_8141 IMG_8139 IMG_8140IMG_8822

Can you tell I’m a proud mama of my little creation? If you’re interested, I used the crochet pattern found here. But what I’m really proud of is that, while I had Lillian’s guidance on the body of the blanket, the border was all mine. I decided I wanted to add a little flavor to Skittle’s blanket, so I did a single crochet stitch three or four times around in a coordinating yarn color and finished by teaching myself the half double crochet shell edging found here.  In fact, much of this border was completed while I was doing my 3-hour GTT, so I guess more than one good thing came out of that experience.

I also want to add how cathartic it was to make this blanket. This is a project I had planned to complete while pregnant with Teddy Graham. But I didn’t, for obvious reasons. In fact, I hardly had a chance to begin. So to be here, able to give this gift to Skittle, is so powerful to me.  It’s a gift I never did give to our Teddy and a gift I never could give to Cupcake either, because I didn’t know how to crochet when she was just a speck in my belly. So this is a gift for Skittle alone. There’s something beautiful in that.

6 thoughts on “Project Baby Blanket

  1. Beautiful! I have procrastinated on making my little guy a quilt for so long that I know now its probably not going to happen. But that is a really pretty blanket that you made and I’m sure your baby will always treasure it.

  2. The blanket is absolutely beautiful 🙂 She will surely enjoy it being an autumn baby. I absolutely commend you on being able to (with some help) teach yourself how to do this. I have zero patience for tedious things so I’m impressed!

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