The Results Are In…

This week, I received two interesting e-mails in my Inbox.

The first came yesterday, telling me that the results of my 3-hour GTT were in. As I checked them online, my heart thudded and I felt almost sick. I had prepared myself for the possibility of gestational diabetes the best that I could, but really? I just wanted to pass the damn test. I long for a complication-free pregnancy on this third go-around, since my last two pregnancies have not been without their trials. But I’m happy to announce that, as far as I can tell, everything looks pretty decent. Three out of four of my blood draws were in the middle of the normal range. Perfectly average. The only reading that was flagged as “HIGH” was my 2-hour blood draw and I’m not surprised by that at all. I have taken this test before, while not pregnant, and also failed the 2-hour blood draw at that time. I haven’t heard from my doctor yet regarding the results, but I’m a big believer in no news is good news. They have always been quick to contact me when there was an issue, so the fact that my phone has been silent can only be a good sign, as far as I’m concerned. I did google it and it seems that some patients who have one abnormal number in the 3-hour test will be advised by their doctors to re-test later in pregnancy, but for now, I think I’m in the clear. And that makes me so  happy that I could do a backflip — except I’m pregnant and have never been able to do a backflip even when my womb is empty. But suffice it to say, I’m over-the-moon and tremendously relieved. I have exactly 11 weeks until my due date and I want nothing more than to just  enjoy every second of this long-awaited for pregnancy.

The second e-mail of interest arrived just moments ago. It’s from my friend Kat. Remember her? It’s been over four weeks since I poured my heart out to her in that long e-mail and I had just about given up on expecting a response. But it’s here now, still unopened because I’m too scared to read it. I want to wait until Honey gets home from work, at least. Maybe I’ll have him read it and let me know how bad it is. Tomorrow, we leave on a road trip to visit family in Idaho and I wonder if it’s wisest to wait until our return to open the e-mail? Do I want it weighing on me all weekend??? I’ve waited this long; surely I can wait a few more days. But I’m also curious. And I kinda just want to rip off the bandaid. I want to know what she has to say. But I don’t. It’s complicated. And confusing. I don’t know. I guess, for now, I’m just playing a game to see how long I can hold out. Kind of like I do when I want some chocolate cake.

Which, now that I’ve mentioned it, sounds really good right now. Thank goodness there’s none around to tempt me.

7 thoughts on “The Results Are In…

  1. So glad you passed your test! Yeah! The decision to read that email reminded me of the decision of whether or not to POAS. I always end up caving and doing it!

  2. Thank goodness for good news! I think you’re right that not hearing from your doctor means everything is just fine.

    As for the email, I’d definitely want to read it right away. And if it’s not the response you were hoping for? Family is a great distraction.

  3. I’m SO happy that you have good news regarding your GTT results. Yay! Go have a piece of chocolate cake (and cold milk!) for me. I’ll live vicariously through you for the next 1-2 weeks left of this pregnancy.

    Go with your gut regarding the email. I hope that whatever it holds there is some sort of resolution or closure to the situation. I know it’s weighed heavily on you for quite some time. In any case, please enjoy your weekend away!

  4. Glad you seem to have passed your GTT test.

    Wow I can’t believe that you have been able to hold out on reading the email. I hope that it is all that you want when you do read it.

    Mmmmm cake.

  5. Yay for passing the test! Uncomplicated pregnancies are what everyone hopes for that is for sure. As for the email, if it was me, I would read it. I would be distracted all weekend thinking about what it potentially says. I agree with what Daryl said, family is a great distraction if the email is not what you hope for.

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