The Shower

On Sunday, I went to a baby shower. My baby shower. Well, technically, it was a joint shower, so it was for a friend expecting her fourth baby on July 31st and little ol’ me, but still…it was my shower, at least as much as hers. I remember all those months ago, when I attended my sister’s shower (just three days before learning of Skittle’s existence!), and it was so hard to be there, with what I believed was an empty womb and a broken heart. I wondered if I’d ever get to celebrate another baby of my own.

And this weekend, I did.

As some of you may remember, I was feeling a little uncertain about this shower. It was hosted by my close friends Lillian and Leigh, but because it was open to many moms in our mama’s group and because it was a joint shower, several of the guests I know only minimally. I’m a *bit* of a wallflower (ha! understatement of the year!), so greeting and socializing with people I don’t know can be pretty intimidating. But in the end, I worried for naught (as usual). While I was still rather reserved and quiet, it was a lovely day and I’m happy to report I didn’t feel out of place at my own shower at all.

Lillian and Leigh joke that their party planning skills aren’t up to my caliber, but really? It was a wonderful shower. They did me proud. It was at 10am on a sunny day (I got sunburnt!) and the decorations were beautiful:

IMG_8010 IMG_8011 IMG_8012

There were no shower games, which I’m sure everyone appreciated, and lots of yummy food (which everyone appreciated even more!):

IMG_8020 IMG_8021

Because it was so early in the day, it was all about brunch for us ladies: watermelon, bagels, veggies, pita chips with a delicious dip, chocolate-covered cherries, two kinds of quiche, and an ah-may-zing blueberry lemon coffee cake. Can we say carb overload? And to drink, there were mimosas, including alcohol-free ones!

I also got to enjoy this:

Now you know my real name. I'm getting pretty brave, aren't I?

Now you know my real name. I’m getting pretty brave, aren’t I?

Chocolate upon chocolate. I could have eaten the whole thing. I didn’t, but I did let myself indulge. I took my 3-hour GTT the day before (still awaiting the results) and had been sooooooo careful about my eating all week long, so I’d say the indulgence was well-deserved.

And even though it was a smallish shower, between the two of us, there were plenty of gifts to open:


Skittle and I got so many nice things! Even though I have nearly all of the basics, especially since I’m having another girl, it’s always nice to have a few just-for-fun things. We got some adorable new baby clothes, a few items from our registry (like a bath towel and diaper cream and a portable napper), and so much more. My favorite gifts were probably the nursing scarf that transforms from scarf to nursing cover in a matter of seconds AND these:

A handmade onesie with matching burp rags...all done in our teddy bear nursery theme and colors!

A handmade onesie with matching burp rags…all done in our teddy bear nursery theme and colors!

So sweet, right?

Over the course of the morning, we had some great conversation and a lot of laughs. And for party favors, everyone got to take home a small jar of the best homemade strawberry freezer jam. And the expecting mamas also each got a pretty little potted plant to take with them.

All in all, it was the perfect party. Exactly what I had hoped it would be! After my first baby shower, when I was pregnant with Cupcake, I mourned the idea that I may never have a shower again…not only because I’m infertile and didn’t know if I’d ever even have another baby, but also because you just never know if you’ll get another shower when you’re having a second (or third or fourth, etc.) child. So I’m incredibly humbled to have had another party thrown in my honor and extremely thankful for friends who care enough to put the time, money, and effort in to create such a fabulous event.

And to show my appreciation? I sent both of our hosts a small bouquet of beautiful flowers to say thank you. I know it wasn’t expected, or even necessary, but I never want to be one who takes my friendships for granted. I’m committed to ensuring those that I care about always know how much I value them. And yesterday? I felt totally valued as well. And it was awesome.

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