A New Room for a Big Girl

*** This post is about my daughter. ***

My little Cupcake isn’t so little anymore, I’ve realized recently. She’s two-and-a-half and no longer looks or acts like a baby. She wears glasses. She can tell me what she wants, when she wants it, not with cries, but with words.  She has a personality now and it allows her to easily adapt to new situations and new people, which makes for a great travel buddy. She also has a stubborn streak from here to halfway around the world. And instead of being interested in sucking on her hands and being rocked in a baby swing, she has little girl interests that include animals and princesses and books, books, books.

And this weekend? She started sleeping in a big girl bed. We’re still working on the potty training thing, but I think moving out of a crib is a pretty solid sign that my firstborn is growing up. And maybe it’s me being sentimental, or maybe it’s just me being hormonal, but it makes this mama a wee weepy to say good-bye to her babyhood.

But anyways…on to her new room. I started working on this project when I was 10-12 weeks pregnant and my mom was in town. We originally used the room as my office/craft room and so there was a lot to move out of there and a lot of new things to move in to make it kid-friendly. But it was so fun to work on! Transforming it into Cupcake’s new little haven was such a joy to me. It felt like I was giving her a big gift that will provide comfort and safety in what I know will be a difficult time as we bring a new baby home. Her little sister is a gift I’m giving her, too, but she won’t realize that for some time. A new room is more tangible and will give her a place to go when the chaos just becomes too much. And that makes me smile.

So the inspiration for this room is one of our favorite books to read together:


Ladybugs and the colors red, orange, and yellow is what I went with. Feminine and sweet without being all about pink and princesses…which I know Cupcake would have loved, too! Maybe this is something that can grow with her a little, though.

The view from the doorway:

IMG_7669 IMG_7642

I love the pendant light! It’s from Ikea and, I’m not sure you can tell from the photo, but it’s yellow with white clouds on it. And that sleeping baby above the bed? That was Cupcake when she was just three days old. (Looking at the photo, though, I’m now realizing I should have had Honey hang it a little lower.)

Here’s a better view of the bed corner:


The bed was once a wood stain that didn’t match the room, so I had Honey spray paint it black. And I love the saying above the bed: With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug!

And the other three corners in the room:

IMG_7644 IMG_7652 IMG_7646

In the first photo, you’ll see a Poang chair from Ikea, where we can snuggle with Cupcake and read a story before bedtime. It’s right alongside a red bookshelf, also from Ikea. Can you tell where we did a lot of our shopping? 🙂 Hanging above the chair is a bulletin board with ladybug thumbtacks and photos of her favorite family members. And next to that is the sign that we held up on our little cameo on the Today show, which you can see here. The colors on the sign were perfect!

In the second photo are a collection of stuffed animals that has been given to me over the years. It was time to pass them on. And those red/yellow/orange storage containers were once white, but Honey went to work with the spray paint and now they’re perfect! Well, almost perfect. The room still has a gross stale paint smell that I can’t get rid of no matter what I do.

And the third photo is of the bookshelf and closet. I didn’t like the doors on the closet, so we removed them and my mom made some yellow curtains to hang instead. Thanks, Mom! (I know you’re reading this. 🙂 )

And here’s a better photo of the dresser:


This dresser is pretty special to us because it was made by Cupcake’s great grandfather, my mom’s dad. He made a whole bedroom set (we’re only using the dresser right now) for my mama when she was a girl and it was passed down to me as a child. Now, Cupcake gets her turn at it and, one day, I hope her first child will, too. And on and on… I only wish she had a chance to meet my grandpa, but he passed in 2004. We still miss him a lot!

And finally, I made this for Cupcake and now it sits upon one of the high shelves on the bookcase:


It says: I love you to the moon and back (and around the sun). I tell this to Cupcake every day, and now that she’s very verbal, she can repeat it right back to me, which melts my mommy heart.

My favorite part about this room are the colors. And the storage. There’s a place for every toy and book she owns and then some!  And what’s her favorite part? The bed, of course. And I think she’s pretty happy with the new toys that we stocked as our extra little surprise to her. In fact, this room has bought me a lot of “me” time. Since she moved in on Saturday, Cupcake has spent very little time with her parents and almost all her waking hours in her new room, playing and reading and dismantling all my hard work!

Oh well. I’m glad she’s happy. That makes me happy. And isn’t that why I did it?  To put some new joy and fun into her life before turning it upside down with a pesky baby sister?

I’d say, mission accomplished.

8 thoughts on “A New Room for a Big Girl

  1. Hi i have been following you…What a great blog….I love that you have given her this room filled with such love and sweetness…there is a great ora about this project and it’s glowing with such love and effort……and I also love how you explained about her wonderful character turning into your little girl-eager to learn 🙂
    My little one is at the same stage and I am having great trouble letting go of his baby stage…of his googling and gagas the conversations we have with them at this stage is so magical arnt they.:)
    Just want to wish you all the best with your birth and hope that your cupcake can embrace her new sibling with love and affection…
    Good luck love 🙂
    P.s I really like the transcript beside her bed too…how lovely.xxx

    • Thank you for such a nice comment! It is hard to move on from the baby stage. I’m so proud of my girl for growing and evolving just like she should be, but it’s hard to realize I’ll never hold her like a baby again. But I guess that’s our job, isn’t it? To let them go little by little. xo!

  2. This is SO sweet! I love how you created little “corners” for her to curl up and have moments. Not to mention, the ladybugs are adorable.

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