Odds ‘n’ Ends: Yeast Infections, Baby Aspirin, and More

First, a warning: This post mentions pregnancy, like always. And the next two paragraphs are about my vagina. There will be talk of discharge. If you’re squeamish, feel free to scroll down.

For over a week now, I’ve had some vaginal itching. It has come and gone and changed in its intensity throughout the days and I’ve been trying to manage the discomfort with vaginal wipes and extra showers. I’m pretty sure it’s a yeast infection because A) I’ve had them before, though never in pregnancy. My other two experiences were while taking Provera last year, but according to all my research YI’s are incredibly common when with child. And B) there’s some of the classic “cottage cheese” discharge. It’s not much and I don’t see it every day, but it’s there.  I was planning to ask my OB about all of this at my next prenatal appointment, on Tuesday, but last night I just couldn’t take it anymore. After an afternoon of constant itching and bemoaning how miserable I felt, I decided to call the on-call nurse. She agreed that it was most likely a YI and gave me permission to use Monistat to treat it. She said her reference recommended the 7-day cream or suppositories, but told me it was my call if I chose a 1- or 3-day treatment instead.

So last night, I started the 7-day cream and, today, I feel even worse. I mean, the itching and burning is not just irritating now, it is unbearable. So much so that, this morning, I was curled on the floor, crying, because it just felt impossible to endure a moment longer. Which, of course, I have. I know that from my past experiences, Monistat can and does cause the itching to increase while using it and then the discomfort improves throughout the day until the cream wears off, but returns again with another dose. After completing the treatment, though, I suspect that I will feel much better, as I always have before. But for now, I just have to get through this. In this moment, my vag is mildly itchy but not to the point where I can’t function. Tomorrow, I fear, will be another repeat of what happened when I awoke today. This is seriously getting in the way of Life. That is, I can’t walk on the treadmill like I do every day, I can’t chase my daughter around the house, and I’m not sure how I’ll get it together enough to go grocery shopping first thing tomorrow morning. Which is why I will be switching from the 7-day cream to the 3-day suppositories in hopes that it won’t be quite as bad, or at least the discomfort won’t go on for quite as long. Has anyone else had this same horrible experience with YI’s and treatment? Particularly while pregnant? Anyone have any great home remedies to help with the itching right now? Please, if you do — reveal your secrets! I am willing to try almost anything, as long as it is safe in pregnancy.

Also, I have another question for you fellow infertiles who have gone or are going through a pregnancy…when does one typically stop taking baby aspirin in pregnancy? I had thought that stopping it about a month before the due date was the typical answer to this. But then I read — somewhere — that aspirin or ibuprofen can cause a heart valve (I think) in the baby’s heart to close too early, which then made me panic that I could, inadvertently, be killing or harming our little Skittle. To be fair, my RE never supported my use of baby aspirin, but never told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t take it either. She just didn’t deem it necessary, but I felt compelled to to use it as a precaution. I haven’t asked my OB for his opinion on it, because I’m afraid he’ll tell me I can stop taking it at any time because he’s not as familiar with miscarriage or infertility, and I don’t know if that’s the right answer either. I don’t want to do anything irresponsible either way. So instead, I’m coming to all of you, to hear what your doctors have told you to do, and I will then make some sort of decision from there.

In other news:

  • I successfully weaned myself from my progesterone suppositories a couple weeks ago. Not a drop of blood in sight, but that didn’t stop me from tossing and turning a few nights, in constant fear that I would start spotting at any moment. Thankfully, though, it appears my placenta is doing its job and I needn’t have worried so many days away after all.
  • I’m feeling definite baby movement now. The last three days, there has been a significant change in how frequent and how strong the movement is. And with every kick or roll I feel, I just fall even more in love with this little being that is becoming inside of me.
  • Today, at 17w3d, I had a stranger ask me if I’m expecting. Well, okay…she’s more of an acquaintance and she didn’t ask me, she asked my husband, but still. It feels like a huge milestone to have someone who doesn’t know you’re pregnant or even TTC notice your bump and have enough confidence in her assessment to ask the big question aloud. I didn’t get that from anyone until I was about 20-22 weeks pregnant with Cupcake, so it was exciting to experience it so early in this pregnancy.
  • A 16-week bump photo is up on the Skittle page!

10 thoughts on “Odds ‘n’ Ends: Yeast Infections, Baby Aspirin, and More

  1. I just got through with (hopefully) a yeast infection and I’ve never burned so much in my life. The over-the-counter-creams made it worse! I called my ob-gyn’s nurse and she called in a pill for me at the pharmacy. You take it one time and that’s that. No itchy creams to use, no suppositories. Do you think your doctor can do the same?

  2. Oh girl, I feel for you. The one and only time I’ve had a yeast infection it was horrible and I wasn’t even pregnant then. I hope the cream starts working soon for you though.

    I’m still taking the baby aspirin every night. My OB hasn’t told me to stop and I’m comfortable taking it still. I think his answer will be the typical one of one month before the due date though. I think this is a matter of to each their own and whatever you feel comfortable with.

    Love the bump!

    • I like the idea of waiting to stop the baby aspirin too. And it did occur to me — it IS on my medical records that I’m taking it, so my OB is not unaware. And maybe the fact that he hasn’t told me to stop is a silent endorsement??? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  3. I hope your YI gets better- and soon!

    My dr had me stop taking baby aspirin at 6w5d, along with the Estrace. I’m slowing weaning myself off the Crinone (once a day until Weds, then a week of every other day and then I’M DONE at 10w). Can’t wait.

  4. I’m supposed to be weaning myself off of the progesterone but I haven’t been able to work up the courage to start yet. I’m so scared of seeing blood. As for the baby asprin, I think you can start weaning yourself off or your can continue to take it until closer to delivery. I’ll be taking Lovenox until 36 weeks. My OB said she may wait a bit longer or it may be earlier depending on how I progress. I thought she had said I would take it up to delivery but I must have misheard. She doesn’t want me on it too long because of the risk of bleeding during delivery.

  5. Yikes on the YI… according to my drug book both monistat vaginal supps and oral diflucan (fluconazole) as used for a YI are catagory C drugs in pregnancy, meaning they aren’t absolutely contraindicated. So I personally would call for the diflucan. Much easier, quicker, and more effective. More systemic than monistat, but that’s up to you. Want a easy home remedy (although i’m not sure about effectiveness/safety in pregnancy) yogurt in the who-ha. not joking. Otherwise, start a pro-biotic orally, like acidophilus. All are good at keeping everything in balance.
    With the Baby ASA – of course ask your OB – what you read was about the premature closure of the PDA with the use of NSAIDS in the 3rs trimester – but unless you have a known clotting disorder (please tell me they tested you for everything under the sun after teddy grahm!), you probably are good to go without it now. And Lovenox is not an NSAID, which is why it can be used later in pregnancy, as related to the above post.
    Other than that, I’m SO happy for you and movement and bump-ing out! Very exciting. Hope this info helps alittle!

    • Wow — that info helps a lot. Thanks for all the information! (And no, they did no testing after my miscarriage as I was told it’s not usually recommended until I fall into the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss category.) But thanks again, friend! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  6. I suffer from chronic infections as well. I found the first couple of days of taking the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse a little rough, because it left a funny taste in my mouth, but it makes the infection go away. This product is the only thing that has consistently kept my yeast infections at bay, as long as I take a couple of capsules each week as a maintenance dose.

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