NT Scan & OB Visit

Last week, while my mom was here, I had my NT scan. Baby had a strong heart rate of 161 and was measuring a whole week ahead, which then started me worrying that a) I’m eating too much and have started down a slippery slope towards gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, and b) I’m going to give birth to a gigantic baby. Cupcake was on the smaller side (7lbs 2oz), but big babies are not unheard of in my family. I’ve had plenty of cousins who weighed 8 or 9 pounds (or more!) and I was 10lbs 1oz when I was born (my poor, poor mama, right?). And while I know I could do it if I had to, I’d prefer not to have push something  that size out of my vagina. Y’know?

As far as the results of the NT scan and bloodwork, I haven’t heard anything, so I assume I have passed this first part of the screening. They told me no news is good news, and I’m taking them for their word. Even though, I’ll admit that I’m slightly surprised by the silent telephone. Really, I had been expecting to get a positive on the screening. Not that I actually think something is wrong with this baby, but I had prepared myself for a false positive at least…because that’s just the kind of luck I have.

And today, I had another OB appointment. I have a great knack for getting myself worked up beforehand and somehow convincing myself that this baby could be dead, but I’m happy to say I once again worried for nothing. The baby is fine. I think. Dr. Smiles counted the heart rate at being in the 140s, which is much lower than is typical for Skittle. The whole drive home I felt uneasy about it, so I checked the heart rate with my doppler the minute I walked through our door. It was measuring in the high 150s for me (as usual), so either my doc or my doppler is wrong, but either way, it looks like the heart rate is holding steady and that’s what matters.

So for now, I’m just trying to believe all is well. All is well. All is well. All is well. An echo through my day, just as beautiful as that little heartbeat.

And for those of you who care, there’s a new pic of Skittle and my first bump photo over on the Skittle page.


12 thoughts on “NT Scan & OB Visit

  1. Yay!!! Can’t believe that you are already past the NT scan. How exciting. The pic of Skittle is so cute and you look great! 🙂

  2. Yay for everything progressing well!!! I keep thinking of you and Skittle and wishing the best! My NT scan is April 23 – anxiously awaiting another glimpse of Jujube (and a needed confirmation that the heart is still beating!). I had my blood work on Monday.

  3. Oh yay for everything progressing wonderfully 🙂 I just adore the new pictures of Skittle and your bumb is SO darn cute! I hope you had a really great time with your mom visiting!

  4. The NT scan already? Wow, pregnancy goes by so quickly … when it’s happening to other people, that is! 😉 I’m glad that you’ve received nothing but good news (even in the form of no news), and don’t worry too much about the size and all it could mean right now – perhaps you’ve just got an early bloomer on your hands. In any case, baby fat is nice and squishy – it’ll make its way out!

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