CD13 U/S

I just returned from my CD13 ultrasound…crying. It actually went well, but I’m a bit of an emotional mess right now and it doesn’t take much to set me off.

The good news is that things are progressing. I’m not ready to trigger yet, but it appears like my body is responding to the high dose of Clomid. On Righty, the largest follicle is 10.3mm. On Lefty (which always likes to hide and required some painful digging to find it today), the largest is 12.5. In comparison, on CD12 last cycle, the largest follicles were 8-9mm, so I was happy with 12.5. My lining was 9.3mm, which is okay I guess? The tech said it was good. Not quite the 11.5 fromΒ  last month, but that was on CD16, so it still has a little time to grow some more.

The bad news is that I have to return for another u/s, and I have to do it on Saturday at 8:45 a.m. because that’s the only slot they have available all day. I don’t even think I’m going to be ready then, but that’s not even the problem. What is the problem? I’m supposed to pick up my dad at the airport at 8 a.m. and, immediately following, I am to have breakfast with my aunt, uncle, and several cousins. This aunt is one I see about once a year because she is a missionary in Thailand and only makes it back to the States very occasionally. My cousins I see about as often because they’re scattered across the U.S., going to school, working, and whatnot. And now? I might not get to see them at all. Which is what started the weeping in the middle of the fertility clinic. The front desk staff looked on as I sobbed on the phone to my mom. It wasn’t pretty.

I’m just so sick of all of this. Once again, infertility has found a way to wreak havoc on my life. And I know I just need to accept this. Get over it, right? We all have to sacrifice something in order to achieve our dreams, but right now… Well, right now I just want to feel sorry for myself.


18 thoughts on “CD13 U/S

  1. I can’t believe your fertility clinic isn’t more accommodating and that there is absolutely no room in the schedule whatsoever to squeeze you between other appointments that day (or another day, for that matter). What would your clinic have done if the 8:45 appointment wasn’t available either? I doubt they would have skipped having you come in. I’ll bet they would have squeezed you in somewhere. At least I hope they would. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

    • Thank you, sams. I had the same thought — what if there were NO appointments available? Like you said, I’m sure they would have fit me in somewhere! I’m very annoyed, but at this point, I’m just trying to go with the flow…

  2. I am so sorry for the timing between your scan & family gathering! Can you call again and see if they can make any different arrangements for you? Can your hubby pick up your dad & maybe you can get into see the dr earlier? Do they do scans on Sundays? I know it is not easy!! I hope it works out so that you can do both your scan & see your family! I am glad that things are looking good with the u/s and you are making progress. Thinking positive thoughts for you!!

    • You are so full of ideas! πŸ™‚ I do think my hubs will pick up my dad and maybe I’ll show up late to our family breakfast. A little nervous about what excuse I’ll give to my aunt and her family for my tardiness, though, because I’m not exactly an open book when it comes to my infertility.

  3. Oh honey 😦 I agree with Sam. Usually a follie check doesn’t take more than 5 minutes and that’s ample time to squeeze you in somewhere. Maybe when you’ve calmed down call them and nicely, but firmly request that they try to fit you in at another time? I’m sorry that you’re feeling so down. I really hope you get to see all your family.

    I’m glad this US went well for you and those follicles are grow appropriately. Here’s hoping for a double release from both sides with that trigger shot.

  4. I’m so sorry honey. I’ve had to cancel business trips, vacations, and miss out on things that would actually make me happy- all in lieu of my quest for a baby. It’s not right and no, it’s not fair. Is there any way to push your breakfast with your family to just a bit later (if your appointment absolutely cannot be moved)? Even if by an hour or two? Big, warm, snuggly hugs to you my luv. And I hope that your Christmas is merry and bright.

    • Thanks, Tutti. I’m not sure about pushing out the breakfast, but do think it might be okay if my mom and I show up a little late and my dad, hubs, and daughter go ahead of me. Merry Christmas to you too, my beautiful friend.

  5. Well that sucks. I hope by now that they’ve managed to fit you in to another time slot. If not, skip it. Your lead follie will be ready to go in three of four days. Trigger on your own and have sex accordingly. Or, wait until you see a positive OPK, trigger, then do the deed. But I am a rebel like that and I know self treatment isn’t for everyone!

    • Well, I would actually consider that, except I’ve never triggered before and don’t know how to! And because this is one of my first monitored cycles AND my first cycle on this dose of Clomid, I’m unsure exactly how my body will respond. What if I trigger too early? What if I wait too long? I’m too much of a chicken to take it into my own hands at this point. But I SO wish I was a rebel like you! πŸ™‚

  6. I really hope you can get another appointment. Something is bound to work out. Don’t be too hard on yourself for getting upset. Unfortunately, IF wreaks havoc on pretty much everything related to our lives.

  7. I’d be inclined to tell the clinic that something came up and you simply can’t make it that time. If they have another later appointment great, if not just keep an eye on things, take some OPKs and try to get in for a scan on Monday. It seems unlikely that you’ll be ready for a trigger by then anyway…

    But, if you decide to just go with the flow, then that’s good too! I know this can be so incredibly stressful. I did my b2b IUIs for my daughter with all of my family in town. It was awkward and stressful, but it got done. I hope you get in and out in a heartbeat and can then go enjoy breakfast! And maybe a mimosa? πŸ˜‰

  8. Ugh that totally sucks that you have to give up some of your Saturday family time for the ultrasound. Stupid IF! I am glad that you are responding so well to the higher dose of Clomid, though. I hope they can get you in and out of there and that you can still spend some quality time with your relatives. xoxo

  9. I don’t think you have to get over it at all. The not being able to get pregnant when you want is hard enough, but it’s all the things you have to change or cancel or miss because of infertility that is the worst part. I hope you get excellent news tomorrow and then enjoy a little bit later breakfast with your family. Merry Christmas, Cassie.

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