Lo and Behold…

It’s CD29 and, much to my surprise, I ovulated this week. I say I’m surprised, but that’s only because my RE gave up on me when my follicles didn’t progress the way she expected. I don’t think anyone at the clinic believed it would be happening this cycle. But I did. All along, I did.

The big question is, when?  My temp has been elevated for four days now. That generally means I ovulated the day before the temp rise, which would be CD25. My BBT has been fairly predictable lately and, when taking my temp at the same time, it has always been 97.5 or below this cycle. On CD25, it went up to 97.9 and has been that or above ever since. But here’s the tricky part:  the last four days (CD25-28), the OPKs have been positive. They were just barely positive (with the test line only slightly darker than the control line) days 25 and 26, and a much stronger positive on days 27 and 28. CD27 was the darkest OPK, two days after my BBT went up. I’ve never gotten an OPK that dark post-ovulation. Do you see why I’m confused? And on top of that, my CM was ultra-fertile on CD24 and 25, less so on CD26 and 27, and back to sticky by CD28 (yesterday). Based on this, I am guessing I must have ovulated on CD25 and perhaps my LH levels were just a little wonky thereafter, which is what gave me the positive OPKs. But I can’t be 1000% sure of that. Anyone want to put in their two cents on this?

Either way, what I do know is that I have ovulated the latest I ever have while taking Clomid. Not in love with that idea, but there’s not much I can do about it now. And if you think about it, it’s kind of amazing that I ovulated at all, considering that my follicles were shrinking on CD16, just nine days before. I didn’t have any of the normal ovarian tenderness that usually indicates my follicles are getting big and ready, so I wasn’t fully expecting it to happen when it did. Of course, that makes me wonder if perhaps I released an egg before it was fully mature, but whatever. I can worry about every little thing, or I can choose not to. For now, I choose the latter. And it’s not like it matters anyways. With my husband’s possible low sperm morphology and knowing that we’ve been here three other times since August without any BFP in sight, any hope at this point seems futile.

For now, I will just be happy I ovulated. It’s a small victory, but in our world, I think every victory is one worth celebrating. And I’ll do just that, with a TTC-friendly drink. Perhaps the sparkling cider that my father-in-law gave to my daughter for her birthday gift (yes, you read that right). Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Lo and Behold…

  1. Seriously. Every victory is worth celebrating. When I first started the Metformin, I started ovulating regularly between CD 18 and 22. I can vividly recall the shock and amazement that my body was DOING it. Every time we release an egg it is a victory.

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