CD16 and I’m Annoyed

I’m annoyed, as you may have guessed from the title. Annoyed because my ovaries are being lazy.

I went in for another ultrasound today and it looks like my follicles are hanging out right around 6mm or so. Which means come of them have shrunk. Which means the Clomid either isn’t working for the first time in a long time OR things will change in the next few days and I’ll ovulate very, very late. Um, I’m not really happy with either option, y’know?

The good news? My lining is thick and “beautiful.” Which is fantastic, except a lot of good it does me if there is  nothing there for implantation. And likewise, I’ve been worrying about my Honey’s funny-shaped sperm, which now seems pointless if there’s no egg for them to meet with.

So now what do we do? A question I had to wait all day for an answer to because our clinic took that long to get back to me. It looks like, this cycle, it’s au naturale. That is, my body hasn’t responded to the Clomid, but Dr. Y is hoping that, by some miracle, I will ovulate on my own anyways. Funny, right? And when this cycle fails, I will use progesterone to bring on a period and my Clomid dose will be increased to 150mg and we will go from there. The good part of this is that, for now, I am done with the ultrasounds, the 7 am appointments that take me an hour to get to, and trying to fit it all into my busy birthday party and holiday schedule.

And God, dear God, please let the ultrasound tech use the right billing code for this so that my insurance will cover all ultrasounds past, present, and future. Because if not? Well, then I’m not sure what to do. We might be stuck. And I do not want to be stuck after just starting to feel like we are finally moving forward again.


14 thoughts on “CD16 and I’m Annoyed

  1. Yes! Make sure they use the right code! My RE was able to finagle the codes and get them covered. It is such a huge help. I can get the code they use if you need it.

  2. In hate when this happens. It happens to me, a lot. Sometimes I feel like the Clomid makes me ovulate even later. Day 25…28…26, etc.
    So annoying.

    Last time they talked about adding more Clomid mid cycle, did your RE mention that option at all?

    • I did inquire about adding more Clomid but my doc won’t do it…at least according to the nurse (even though she didn’t actually ask the doc). She says they like to take a conservative approach. Which I do appreciate…I just don’t want to waste a cycle! Boooooo….

  3. I don’t know if your RE would consider it (you might ask?) but my RE does continuous rounds of clomid if the first round doesn’t stimulate follicles. Instead of inducing a period he gives me another round of clomid in the same cycle and then all the ultrasounds get redone.

    I’m so sorry that you’re so annoyed. I can totally appreciate your anxiety over billing the right codes too. Did you have a chat with your doc about how to bill them? The worst they can say is “No, I won’t do it that way.” *hugs* Hang in there.

    • I asked about the continuous Clomid since the first try didn’t work but the nurse says the doc won’t do it. Maybe I should have pressed her on it more???

      And I have asked everyone from the billing department to the u/s tech to the front desk staff to the nurse how they bill for these ultrasounds. I’ve been consistently told that they TRY to bill under diagnoses like “PCOS” whenever possible…but does that mean they actually WILL? God I hope so! I’ll ask my doctor about it at my next appointment, though, just to be sure.

  4. So what happens next if you’re not responding to clomid? Would you do a “natural” injectibles cycle?
    You can always fight the bill if you get charged for it – as far as I know they can be re coded and re submitted, but hopefully they’ll just do it right the first time and you won’t have that issue.

    • If Clomid doesn’t make things happen, I’m not sure where we go next. Maybe Femara? My doctor thinks there are too many risks with “natural” injectable cycles (i.e. high order multiples), so I think that’s out. I meet with my doc on 12/4 to come up with a long-term plan, though, so hopefully I’ll get my answers then!

      • I have some extra Femara on hand if you need it – though I wonder if you can mail it….they accidentally doubled my script when we tried the IUI so I have 5 pills left.

      • Oh my…that would be FANTASTIC. I think it can be mailed??? Of course, I’m still hoping that I won’t need to take that next step, but I’m not holding my breath, if you know what I mean. Thank you for the offer. You totally rock, Theresa! 🙂

      • my only question about mailing it would be because its a prescription, but if I put in one of those padded envelopes I can’t imagine anyone would be checking…I wonder how you can find out.

  5. Jumping in on this mailing meds convo. Just be sure it is in a padded/protected envelope. TECHNICALLY I don’t think it is legal, but I’ve mailed needles and all sorts of stuff to other IF friends. I’ve never had a problem. If it’s just a few pills, I wouldn’t think twice about it.

    • Thanks for the input, Tami. I’ve heard of lots of IFers passing meds off to their friends, so assumed it was no big deal. It’s nice to hear how to do it from someone with experience, though!

  6. Oh no! I’m so sorry you aren’t responding to Clomid this month. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers that the au naturale route is just what you need. *hugs*

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