On Being on the Today Show…

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who responded to my last post. Excuse me for getting a bit mushy here for a moment, but you guys are wonderful. I love each and every one of you. When I am down, you lift me up. And while I often feel too shy and reserved to carve a place for myself in this world, you have all embraced me and welcomed me into this community with open arms. Perhaps that is only because you have not met me in person. I am better with the written, rather than the spoken, word, after all. But I can only hope that all of you are right and I am indeed worthy of the love and support you have given me. So thank you thank you thank you.

And now on a much lighter note…

I mentioned in a recent post that it was on my bucket list to appear on NBC’s Today show and I had, in fact, accomplished that already. Quite a few of you requested that I elaborate and so this post is for all of you curious cats out there.

And really, I hope I have not led you on. It’s not an entirely impressive story. I was not on the show because I will be starring in the next big blockbuster or because my child or dog are some prodigy of their species or because I invented the new must-have household item. Thankfully, I was also not on there because I had just survived five winter days in the Oregon wilderness, or because I was a survivor of a horrific shooting spree, or because my husband is now on trial for my mother’s murder. It was nothing like that. Quite simply, I was a fan on the plaza.

In September 2011, my mom, daughter, and I (three generations of ladies!) traveled to New York City for the first time and on the top of my “must do” list was to go watch Today being filmed. I watch the morning show every day. And please don’t start imagining me, a stay-at-home mom, watching my show and eating bonbons with my feet up while Cupcake runs amuck. I don’t sit down and watch it and do nothing else, but for four hours each weekday morning that we are at home, it is playing in the background while I work around the house and Cupcake plays.  And, in ways, it feels as if the hosts (who keep changing!!!) are family to me. I feel like I know them better than some people with whom I share blood and a history.

The day that we were on the plaza at Rockefeller Center, the crowd was rather sparse. We were the first in line at 5 a.m.ish and got our choice of where to stand (we chose front and center). Every time the camera scanned the crowd, there we were, smiling, waving, screaming like all the rest. And because my daughter was a very cute baby (just nine months old at the time), and I had her dressed in an adorable outfit, she caught Al Roker’s eye and he talked to us on-camera before going to the weather maps. We were the only ones he talked to while the cameras were rolling that day, so we felt honored.

Ann Curry (who was one of the hosts at the time) was not there that morning, but we did have an opportunity to talk with Al, Natalie, Savannah, and Matt during commercial breaks, which was exciting. One of the cameramen even let me keep Savannah’s notes from the show. My only regret is that I did not ask to have my photo taken with any of them, Matt especially (who I think is so incredibly handsome on camera, and even more so in-person). I suppose I am just too polite. 🙂

We also made an appearance during the fourth hour of the show, when Hoda and Kathie Lee host. We were invited to be in the audience for their Wednesday trivia game and, while we did not actually play, Kathie Lee did give my daughter one of her lullaby CDs, which was very sweet.  And I guess if you were so inclined, you could look back at old shows in the second or third week of 9/2011 (is it even possible to view old shows?) and finally get to see my face.

All in all, it was a long morning, but a day I will never forget. And now to share a few photos from the experience that I will cherish forever…

As I don’t have the guts to actually show my mug here, this is the only photo you’ll get of me on the plaza…holding my handmade sign.

Check out the woman staring at Matt, with her hand to her chin…doesn’t she look hopelessly in love with him? 🙂

One of the guests, Will Arnett, who plays on “Up All Night” and is (was?) married to Amy Poehler.

Another guest, Hank Azaria, who some of you may know does several voices on “The Simpsons.” But *I* know him as David, one of Phoebe’s boyfriends on “Friends.”

And so, friends, that is my tale of the day when I was on Today. It’s nothing extraordinary and certainly is not related to infertility in any way, but I hope it at least made you smile.


6 thoughts on “On Being on the Today Show…

  1. I’m so jealous right now!! That’s one of MY bucket list items!!! I have watched the Today Show as long as I can remember and still love to watch it when I’m on breaks from school. I also feel like the hosts are family (hehehe). What an amazing experience and I want to do that someday! Maybe I should plan a trip when baby is cute so I can get on TV too 😉 love this post! thanks so much for sharing.

  2. So much fun. Hank Azaria is one of my favorite people (as is Will Arnett). I actually had a dream the other night co-starring Hank Azaria and John Cusack. Not only was he one of Phoebe’s boyfriends (and so cute and nerdy!), but he was the dog walker on Mad About You. So that’s how old I am.

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