She’s here. (said in a dry, unamused voice)

“She” being my period. The witch.

Not that I haven’t been expecting her. I have. I knew she was coming from CD1 and certainly from the cystic pimples that have surfaced in the last few days and from how high my cervix was the other night. It is only ever that high right before ovulation and right before the flow begins. I have worn a panty liner for the last two days, waiting for her arrival.

She took her time, but now she is here. And I’m okay with it. It totally sucks, but I’m okay. I expected nothing more.

What I’m not okay with is that, like many unwelcome house guests, she has arrived far too early. At the most, it’s 12dpo, but more likely 10 or 11 days. And I’m pissed that I have this one extra thing to worry about. And confused because, last month, my period came at 16dpo. The month before, at 11dpo. What is going on???

I hope my first appointment with an RE tomorrow will provide some answers. And that she’ll give me a big ol’ band-aid to fix this problem. And that I’ll walk away feeling relief. We don’t always get what we hope for, though, do we?

The one silver lining in all of this? Yesterday was Halloween and there is plenty of candy laying around for me to indulge in while I nurse my wounds. What a consolation prize.


7 thoughts on “She’s here. (said in a dry, unamused voice)

  1. Well, damnit. I’m sorry the witch made her appearance. Regarding the inconsistent luteal phase… I think that’s probably an easy thing to fix with some progesterone post-O. I did that with my IUIs and will be doing it again even with this natural cycle because it’s such an easy thing to fix. Good luck with the RE appointment! I know that’s nerve-wracking but it’s also exciting!

  2. I had been so worried about the fact that I seem to ovulate on CD20 of a 28-30 day cycle but my RE said that the research really doesn’t support that being a problem. He said in the past “luteal phase defect” was all the rage in the literature, but there isn’t much support for its existence. He said the best explanation for it was that it was a poor follicular phase that caused the short luteal phase but even that doesn’t have much support and it is hard to place parameters around what constitutes a poor follicular phase. So he basically told me not to worry about that and that won’t be what makes or breaks our chance at pregnancy.

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