Progesterone level…meh

Well, good grief, you guys. You’re going to get sick of hearing from me!

But I wanted to write about my progesterone level. I had my blood drawn on Sunday at 8dpo. Finally, the results are in. And my level is 11 ng/mL. Meh.

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what this means. I’ve never had my progesterone level checked post-ovulation, so I have nothing to compare it to. But this isn’t great news, I don’t think. According to the lab’s range for the luteal phase, “normal” is 1.2 to 15.9. In the first trimester, it’s 2.8 to 147.3. Obviously, I fall well within these ranges. But still. I’ve heard (mostly on Google, I admit) that over 10 is considered good for a non-medicated cycle and over 15 for a medicated cycle. Clomid = medicated cycle = my level should be 15+.  At least, that’s what I’ve been going over in my mind about a million times since I got the results an hour ago. I don’t know how much worry this should cause me, but right now, it’s causing a lot!

This week has been a good week. It’s gone by quickly and I’ve kept a calm and level head. I’ve felt hopeful, but also realistic. But today, I just feel discouraged. And I’m not sure if I can still hope or not. I just don’t know.


14 thoughts on “Progesterone level…meh

  1. I don’t know what much about progesterone levels – or for that matter, what is considered a medicated cycle. I always thought of medicated cycles as injectibles. Hm…

    • Well, that’s what I had originally thought too and then all of my googling had people mention Clomid and Femara as a “medicated cycle” and I started to doubt myself. Maybe they don’t know what they’re talking about? MAYBE I just need to assume the best, for once, and not worry about??? Oh sigh.

      • Clomid and famera are both medicated cycles. Right now going through a fert. Specialist doing ovidrel shot bc i don’t ovulate on my own. I have endometriosis and a right blocked tube. They say i could be going through premenopause and that my AMH level is lower than what they want. Its 0.45 and im only 29. They said i don’t have much of an ovarian reserve left so they need to give me fert. Drugs like clomid and femara to give me more mature follicles so i have some eggs. Currently did 3 iui cycles 1st two not successful the 3rd im still waiting to do hcg bloodwork. They told me my progesterone level lower this mo for a med cycle it was 15.4 they told me they like it to be 15.5 or higher med non med 10 to 15. They said if results good they wont call me back with progesterone level but they did call back. They said im at risk of a miscarriage if im preg so now on top of femara, ovidrel & iui i now have to take 3 200 mg progesterone capsules vaginally until they tell me to stop.

  2. Like Theresa, I’ve always been confused by the term “medicated”. Why would using Clomid or injectables improve your progesterone levels? Is it supposed to result in such a powerful ovulation that the corpus luteum is a rockstar? Perhaps…? I’ve always thought that a number over 10 was good. Solid.

    • I don’t get it either why meds would improve your progesterone levels…and I can’t even be 100% sure that it’s accurate, considering I’ve only found this info by googling it! And maybe it doesn’t reeeeeally matter? That’s what I’m hoping for anyways!

    • I dont know ive never heard of that. I mean clomid etc improving progesterone levels. All my fert dr told me was clomid etc is supposed to help you produce more eggs and mature follicles. It would be worth asking them since they never exp that. Idk if thats what you guys all heard or not. They said in my case they had to use them and do iui sooner than planned bc they didnt know how far into premenopause i am since im 29 they said they have to really stimulate me to get me to produce follicles. Still not giving up after 2 failed iui’s we’ll see

  3. I know it’s hard, but I wouldn’t read too much into those numbers without consulting your RE. Infertility is not a one size fits all. Everyone is different and those numbers could be normal for you.

  4. My level was 11 on clomid, and my doctor was satisfied with that. I ended up pregnant, but then had a chemical. When my doctor started me on clomid again she used the same dose. And she’s not monitoring after o anymore. (So I guess she’s comfortable with my dose and p levels.) I think 11 is a great number. Sending positive vibes!

  5. Sometimes having more information makes it harder- it’s more to obsess about. It actually sounds like that level is fine. If you can, try to put it out of your mind. Should you get a BFP this cycle, they will test your progesterone again- and at that point put you on something if needed.

  6. I know this is a super old post, but I wanted to add that “medicated” cycle regarding progesterone means medicated with a progesterone supplement. When I am not using progesterone, I still have a medicated cycle because I am using Clomid. WIthout progesterone supplementation, progesterone should be 10+, with progesterone supplementation it should be 15+. Hope that helps!!

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