Well, I guess it’s a three-post kind of day. Sorry to fill up your readers with my babble.

But I’m proud to announce that one more thing has been checked off my list. I have found an RE! In the last few weeks, I have searched high and low, researched all five fertility clinics in our area, spoken with two out of my top three, reviewed to see what past and present patients were saying, and come to a decision. And today, I made an appointment with my top choice who I am, so far, very pleased with.

What won me over? you ask. I’ll tell you. It was quite a few things really. Their doctors and their lab are both in-network for my insurance carrier, which means that diagnostic procedures will be covered in full. They got the best patient reviews on Yelp. They were able to schedule me immediately (though I chose to wait a while for my appointment). They responded to my e-mail (one clinic did not). They allow children to come to their clinic (one clinic has a strict “no children” policy). They told me that they don’t often bill under the “infertility” billing code, which might mean that my insurance will cover more than I think. They have several female RE’s to choose from. They are not too small (i.e. expensive) nor too big (i.e. a baby-making factory). They do prescribe Femara and allow unmonitored Clomid and Femara cycles. And the particular doctor that I requested is their clinic expert on ovulatory disorders and pregnancy loss. All of this has led me to believe that I will be in very good hands.

This is a huge step for me as I have never come this far in the process. While it took over a year to conceive my daughter, I never had to see an RE to do it. I just kept taking Clomid until it worked. I could almost pretend that I got pregnant like a normal person. But in going to a fertility clinic, that illusion will be gone with the wind. So I’m scared, but excited as well. Not so excited that it has come to this, but excited that I have a plan and that I have confidence in the clinic I have chosen.

My appointment is scheduled for November 2 at 10am. This should be at the end of my next cycle or at the beginning of the cycle after it. I’ve already completed most of the initial bloodwork through my OB, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to move forward with treatment quickly. Of course, what I’m really hoping is that I’ll get the joy of calling to cancel that appointment thanks to a positive BFP in the next month or two. But if not? I’m ready.

I’m ready, come what may.

9 thoughts on “Check!

  1. You really did your research, and it sounds like you’ve found a good one! I really hope you don’t need that appointment, but I’m glad it’s waiting there for you, just in case.

  2. Yay! Congratulations on finding a RE and clinic you like. That can be a big challenge sometimes. I’m so happy for you that you are ready to move onto this next step and I’m praying that you get your “surprise” BFP before November 2. 🙂

  3. I’m beaming over here. Beaming I tell you! 🙂 So glad you found someone that is a good fit. I know you are nervous to take this step, but I promise you that you will feel more empowered in the end.

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