Photo Challenge: Cosy

We love nothing more than comfort around here. Sweats. Coffee. Mac and cheese. The thermostat cranked up. We like to be warm and cozy (as we spell it on this side of the Pond). But really, the one who covets all things cozy is our sweet Shih tzu-Maltese doggie, whom I’ll call Junebug (one of the many nicknames we use in this house):

On the left there, you have Junebug on the pile of pillows where she likes to hide when she’s had enough of the hugs and hard pats from my daughter. And on the right, she is wrapped in her favorite blanket, which also happens to be my favorite blanket (which I recently mentioned here).  Isn’t she sweet? Don’t you just want to snuggle up with her? I do! And I do it often!

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