Photo Challenge: Autumn

I love autumn. My favorite season by far. I mean, how can you not adore it with those gorgeous colors, and the cozy sweaters, and the smell of pumpkin spice in the air? Makes me melt just to think of what’s in store.

But I will admit to this: I love autumn just a little bit less since moving to our new city two years ago. Because with the fall (and winter) season, come lots of rain, lots of wind, and lots of power outages. We live in a neighborhood filled with trees (the lot next door and across the street are completely tree-covered with no houses at all) and power lines are above ground…a bad combination. And I was completely unprepared for this when we moved in. Our first fall/winter in our home brought us a total of 12 power outages. That was the same autumn we brought our daughter home from the hospital. She had been home for a total five hours when we lost electricity for 18 hours. For the first time ever. Can you imagine what that did to a brand new mom? I was a wreck and, ever since, the possibility of an outage sends shivers up my spine and puts fear into my heart. Especially because last year, while we had less power outages than the year before, one of them lasted for almost six days. Our house got so cold that we eventually had to go stay with a friend. Thank God for her generosity.

So the long and short of it is that, while I now hold some dread in my heart as autumn begins, it only takes one glance at the colorful leaves of the season to remind me why I love it so:

The colors aren’t quite as vibrant as I like them since it’s so early in the season, but how can you not love that half-moon peeking through the changing trees as dusk approaches? Autumn, I love you.


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