Photo Challenge: Fashion

I’m not a clothes horse, nor am I trendsetter, but I do like to shop. And I do like to feel pretty. I consider my style classic and feminine and, currently, this is my favorite outfit:

You can’t quite tell because of the lighting in the photo, but the shoulders of the top, as well as the skirt, are lace and the shoes are sparkly. I love sparkles and I really love lace. They both make me feel so girly and I always feel my best when I feel super-feminine.

I bought this outfit back in May, when I was feeling sad at the mall because the last time I had been to that particular mall was on our wedding anniversary, the same day we conceived Teddy Graham. This outfit gave me something to be excited about. And sadly, it was also the first thing I’d bought for myself since giving birth 18 months earlier. So I think it was totally in order!

(But please do ignore the brown patches of grass in the photo. We have failed to water our lawn for a few weeks — oops! And also please be sure to check out the other participants for the September Photo Challenge. It’s been fun getting to know everyone through their photos!)


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