Photo Challenge: Roald Dahl

Today’s prompt for the September Photo Challenge is “Roald Dahl.” And when I think of Roald Dahl, I think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factor. And when I think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I think of chocolate (duh!).

And I love chocolate. Like, really love it. Like, I seek out chocolate shops in every city we visit. Like, we are never without a few chocolate bars in our home. Like, I serve a piece of chocolate with almost every meal. Like, I love it. Sometimes (like when my period comes), its really my best friend. And remember how I said my husband is a bit of a coffee snob? Well, I’m a bit of a chocolate snob. I’m sorry, friends, but white chocolate is not real chocolate. Nor are most commercial chocolate candies. (That does not, however, mean I don’t enjoy such treats. I will eat a Reeses peanut butter cup with the best of them! But I just don’t consider it chocolate.) But when it comes to true, honest-to-God chocolate, there are very few that I don’t enjoy. I especially love dark-dark chocolate (like above 70-75% cacao) and chocolate truffles — because it’s a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of something else, and the texture can be divine. And so, onto my photo and one of the best truffles my tastebuds have ever met (and the only one I’ve ever made)…

They are Oreo Cheesecake Truffles, a recipe I wish I could say I created, but alas…I did not. A neighbor gave it to me several years ago and I will love her forever for it. Because these are so good. So. Good. I now make them every year for Christmas, but my Honey has been requesting that I make them now.  So two days ago, I did. And I brought some (over two dozen) with me to play Bunco on Tuesday night and, though there were only eight of us playing, I didn’t come home with a single leftover truffle. They’re that good! (Please forgive me for tooting my own horn. I really take no credit as the recipe isn’t mine and they’re so easy to make.)  But anyways, we now have a huge container of them in our freezer and I have something to give me a little joy every time I’m having a bad day (which is often these days).

(And don’t even ask how I managed to get that second photo. I took it outside on my own and I’m sure I gave the neighbors quite a show as I tried to juggle my plate of chocolates in one hand and my giant camera in the other. By the time I got the shot I wanted, my hands were covered in gooey chocolate and I had eaten oh-so-many truffles. The price we will pay for our art…)


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