Photo Challenge: Morning

If we have any say about it, this is the way we like our mornings to begin in the Dash home:

Coffee!  We prefer Starbucks, but anywhere will do for me in a pinch (my husband, not so much). Honey, especially, loves his coffee and he will readily admit to being a coffee snob. Lately, I’ve been avoiding the stuff (regular and decaf) for fertility purposes, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Starbucks anyways. Apple cider, hot cocoa, smoothies, and steamed milk…the list of possibilities is (not really) endless!

And don’t forget to check out all the other participants in the September Photo Challenge. There are some amazing photographs out there!


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. I only allow myself a Starbucks treat on days I go to my RE. It’s my little ‘prize’ to help alleviate the annoyance of the appointments. 🙂

  2. after my egg retrieval my last ivf, i remember waking up from the anesthesia in a daze and the first thing I said was, can i have coffee now? and i remember the staff laughing 🙂 i love coffee!!!

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