Photo Challenge: Honey

I love honey. Truth be told, I love all things sweet and sugary. But the thing I love about honey is that I can eat it without too much guilt. Natural source of sugar, right? I love to have it on toast (sometimes with ricotta) or drizzle it over vanilla ice cream.  I also love it in plain Greek yogurt. The best honey I ever tasted came from Kangaroo Island in Australia…my husband and I bought a dozen jars or so while on our honeymoon. And because I love honey as much as I do and eat it so frequently, I bought a little honey pot a long time ago (from where, I can’t recall):

However, there is a problem: this pot is so dang cute that I can’t bear to use it. I just can’t. And so it sits on a shelf collecting dust. But it does bring me a smile every time I see it, so that’s something, right?

And in the background there, is the man who makes my life so sweet. That’s my Honey. And if I’m being honest, this challenge is really all about him.


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