Photo Challenge: White

Well, I had other plans for what I would do for today’s photo prompt, but my darling daughter decided she did not want to cooperate when I brought out the white flour this afternoon. And so on to Plan B…

We like our teddy bears around here. We did a teddy theme for Cupcake’s nursery and I’ve been bear-obsessed since I was a little girl myself.  I still have a collection of stuffed bears that not even Cupcake is allowed to handle. In this photo are two of my favorites.

On the left is the first bear my husband ever bought for me, very early in our relationship. I think he somehow broke into my car to leave it there as a surprise. If you can’t quite tell, his eyes are now crooked, thanks to our sweet little dog who decided this bear would make the perfect chew toy when she was just a precious little pup. I remember being mad at the time, but now it makes me smile. Just one more mark of our life together.

And the bib on the bear on the right says it all: Baby’s First Christmas. We gave this bear to Cupcake on Christmas Day when she was barely a month old. I have always had hopes that she will one day pass it on to her baby brother or sister on his/her first Christmas. Now I have to add: if she ever has one. Which makes this cute little guy so bittersweet. Sweet because I know I am so lucky and I cherish the memories of our first Christmas as a family…but bitter because it hurts to think that could be the only “first Christmas” we ever have. It hurts so much. Some days, I just long to rewind or fast forward time.


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: White

  1. It’s amazing how stuffed animals can go from just toys to beloved parts of our history. Cupcake will be able to pass on that bear to her sibling one day. I know your future seems distant and uncertain right now, but it will happen.

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