….And All Hope is Lost.

I started bleeding just moments ago. It’s CD1 again. Which makes it official, I guess: this is, by far, the shortest cycle I’ve ever had. And now I have something new to worry about.

Does anyone have experience with a short luteal phase or bleeding around 11dpo? Or know someone who does? Does this, indeed, mean that something is wrong? What exactly does this say about my (in)fertility and what can I do about it? Is this being caused by the Clomid, or in spite of it? (I just read that Clomid, in conjunction with progesterone supplements, is often used to counteract a luteal phase defect.)

I have an appointment to see my OB on Monday, mostly because I need to renew my Clomid prescription. But any suggestions for questions I should be asking him? I’ll ask about monitoring (but still unsure if I want this because of the cost), having some of my blood work redone, getting a prescription for progesterone for after my next ovulation, and possibly increasing my Clomid dose (unsure if this is necessary, too). But I’m not very assertive and it’s going to be hard for me to push for anything that he doesn’t think is a good idea or want to do. I’m not proud of being such a timid mouse. It’s just the way I am. The way I have always been.

And now, I’m scared out of my wits, too. So scared. Of everything.


16 thoughts on “….And All Hope is Lost.

  1. I’m so sorry, Cassie. *hugs*

    Yes, I’ve experienced short luteal phases, too, though not while I was on clomid. However, I also had the hcg shot in conjunction with clomid, and I think that made my LP longer. After I was done with clomid, I noticed that my LP was usually around 11 or 12 days, and it was very concerning to me. I had a P4 test and a uterine biopsy done to see if I had a luteal phase defect, but I never heard back from my ob/gyn, so I can only assume that the results came back fine. I started taking B6 every day because it’s supposed to help lengthen one’s LP. That didn’t do much for me, though. It wasn’t until I started taking vitamin D (3000 iu/day) that my LP finally got back up to 13 or 14 days.

    I would talk to your doctor and request a P4 test after your next ovulation. They may also want to do a uterine biopsy, as this can be a better indicator of LP defect than the blood test. Progesterone supplements would definitely lengthen your LP, so do ask about that. And try taking B6 and/or vitamin D (if you aren’t already). They certainly can’t hurt.

    Good luck, hon.

  2. Sorry for cd1…I also had p4 and uterine biopsy done. Did not find anything but I am on progesterone after o as precaution. The biopsy is simple procedure, and short luteal phase does seem easily corrected for most. I hope your OB answers all your questions…thinking of you!

  3. Oh Cassie, I’m so sorry. Seeing that blood is never easy.

    I had a problem with spotting- anywhere from 8 to 1 days before my period. I’ve been on progesterone suppositories for about a year and I always have a 14 day luteal phase now (even longer if I don’t stop the progesterone on day 14) without any spotting. It is something to ask about.

    Also, I’ve found it’s helpful to write my questions down because once in that office, my mind used to go blank. Now if I don’t have that little piece of paper with me, my RE asks me where it is and why I don’t have any questions 🙂 It’s helpful to keep you focused. Just and idea.

  4. Ugh, I’m sorry. That’s awful. It’s so frustrating not knowing what’s going on with your own body and cycles. I can definitely relate. I hope you get some answers soon.

  5. I am so very sorry. I struggled with a short LP, and the b vitamins (I took B-100s) and low-dose aspirin were the things that carried me through until my doc would prescribe prometrium when I got a bfp. With getting AF at 11dpo… that’s definitely worth getting your progesterone levels checked out.

    One of the previous commenters also mentioned vitamin d, and while I hadn’t heard of that one before in relation to LP, it does make sense. Having a short LP is usually connected to some sort of insulin resistance and vitamin D is supposed to help with balancing/processing sugar levels.

    Hoping that your doc is able to give you some guidance and that you get your bfp soon.

    ICLW #7

  6. I’m so sorry, hon. I don’t know if this helps or makes it worse, but earlier this year, I was having really weird cycles, too. My normal is about 24 days, but I had a 26 day cycle followed by two 22 day cycles, which really freaked me out. A lot of people suggested it could be stress making my cycles so wonky. I don’t know if that was it, but since then, I’m back to my normal cycles (which are still really short, for most people).

    I second the idea to write your questions down. And make sure you get answers. I know it’s hard to speak up for yourself, but if you don’t, no one else will. Hugs.

  7. Hi from ICLW. So sorry to hear about CD1. I’ve generally had short luteal phases and have had spotting starting at 10 DPO while on clomid (9 DPO while not on Clomid). I also worried about low progesterone, but didn’t end up addressing it with my doctor. I think it would be worth it to explore.

    Good luck!

  8. Ugh. 😦 So sorry, Cassie. I did have a short LP after my first miscarriage. I took B6 every day and that helped extend me out a day (from 11 days to 12 days). The Femara is what helped me the most. I went to a 13-15 day LP without any extra progesterone. Would your doctor consider switching you to Femara instead of Clomid? I know it is off label use, but it does help. It might be worth mentioning. Good luck. I hope that you get a new plan that you are excited about!

  9. Sorry things are so stressful. My lp has always been on the short side (11-12 days), but most doctors and REs I’ve seen have been either unconcerned or unwilling to address it. It’s been ages since I had my progesterone tested, but when I did, it was fine, despite having a short lp. I agree that Femara might be a good option. It’s relatively inexpensive, too.

  10. i’m sorry about CD1 😦 i haven’t done clomid (did femara) but my RE’s use progesterone supplements not matter what fertility drugs you are one. you can’t have too much so whats the harm – it can only help! with 11dpo i would recommend you be assertive as you can and get progesterone!!

  11. Sorry about CD 1. My luteal phases have ranged from 10 days to 14, with no real explanation. Every progesterone test I’ve had has come back pretty high at 7 dpo. I don’t know if clomid will really change anything for me, but my OB’s first thought was to try it after seeing how my lp moved around. I see other posters have suggested femara — I was going to suggest the same thing. Although I know some OBs won’t prescribe it. You may need to go to an RE to get it. Good luck with the appointment! It has helped me in the past to write down my questions so I don’t lose my nerve.

  12. Sorry to hear about CD1. I’ve noticed you’ve been taking clomid for a while now. Did your Obgyn talk about how many cycles you would do with clomid before moving on to next steps? I know REs usually recommend no more than 4 clomid cycles. Clomid does seem to work for you, though. That might be one question I would ask about at your appt. Good Luck to you and Happy ICLW.

  13. Hello. Just catching up on my blog reading after a crazy weekend and not feeling well for a few days (I think I had food poisoning). : (

    Sorry to hear you started your cycle early. The only advice I can offer is that the meds for IF really mess up my cycles too. I had a cycle start early a couple months ago and now I’ve had a couple really long cycles. Whereas, prior to IVF, my cycles were like clockwork. But I do agree that talking with your Dr. is the best way to feel better.

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