Another CD14

It’s CD14 and my body is doing weird things.

For five days now, I have had egg-white mucus and my cervix has been high. In fact, I went straight from bleeding during my period to this EWCM…no sticky or creamy mucus at all so far. And last night, my cervix was so high that I couldn’t even reach it — and my mucus was the clearest and stretchiest of all.

On Saturday, I also started feeling things in my lower abdomen. Pressure, which has continued ever since. Today, tenderness too. This is not new to me. I have felt it three times before during a Clomid cycle. Swollen ovaries. It scared me significantly the first time, but now I’m less concerned. Especially knowing that, two out of three of those times, I ovulated.

Through Saturday, my OPK tests were very negative. As in, there was no second line at all. Yesterday, that second line did appear and was quite clear, but the test was not positive. And then today, there was this:

Um…that IS positive, right???

I think that’s positive!  But I’ve seen so very few of them, I can’t even be sure of that.

And honestly, it does seem a little too good to be true. After all, as far as I know, I have never ovulated this early in my cycle. Never. Certainly not since I started tracking it back in 2010 when we were trying to conceive Cupcake. I have also never even had ovulation signs (the EWCM, ovarian pressure, or dark test line on an OPK) so early. Now, I have had a few (maybe 3, 4, or 5 in the last two years) false-positives on an OPK, so I’m afraid to trust this…and yet, I have never seen a false-positive before CD20 and then, they have still only been questionably positive — like, is the test line as dark as the control line?  Or not?

And I suppose it’s possible that this positive test means nothing at all. That my hormones are wacky and tomorrow the test will be clearly negative and my temp won’t rise and I won’t see that second line again…or I will, in a week or so, when I’m feeling desperate but also dread it so late in my cycle.

I don’t know.

I guess the only way to be sure I have ovulated is to watch my temperature. Even that, though, is not completely reliable as my BBTs have not been very stable this cycle — generally 97.2 to 97.6 but it’s different every day (97.2 one day and then 97.6 the next and then 97.2 again) and there have been a couple lower than that range and several higher. Not sure why. Is it the hotter weather here? Not being very strict about exactly what time I temp? Or just that my body is royally screwed up?

Either way, right now I am feeling confused, curious, and a little bit hopeful. This is a feeling I’m not so accustomed to, so I’m going to hold onto it as long as I can.

Today will be a good day.

7 thoughts on “Another CD14

  1. That is most definitely positive! Get busy, woman! 😉

    I hope you see a very distinct temperature change and don’t have to keep wondering “did I or didn’t I?” Would it be possible to request a P4 test from your doctor just to be certain you did ovulate?

  2. I’d say that’s a for sure positive.

    For temping, I’ve read that if you’re half an hour off your normal temping time, your reading could be off by a tenth of a degree. So half an hour early you might be a tenth low, half an hour late, a tenth high. Not everybody is the same way though, some women aren’t affected by half an hour, some are affected more.

  3. I broke down and started buying the digital OPKs and digital pregnancy tests. They are generally more expensive but so much easier; they take all the guesswork out of the results. I’ll never go back to the “interpret how dark the line is” type of a test again. : )

  4. Egads, I have a very disfunctional relationship with OPKs and HPTs. They lie to me then I loose all trust in them but have so much hope that we can reconcile that I stay in the loveless relationship.

    But, I will venture to say that looks like a mighty positive to me.

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