I’m so confused.

Five days ago, I took my last progesterone pill. I have been waiting for my period to arrive ever since. And today it did. Maybe.

I’m spotting. I guess for some women that’s normal for a period to start like that. Not for me. My period always starts like a wildfire and simmers to a campfire three, four, or five days later. It starts quickly, forcefully. It starts painfully, with a blood bath. Gross, but true. And so this slow start has me concerned for two reasons:

  • I don’t know if I’m to consider this cycle day 1 or not. I think technically it is, but maybe it’s not until my period starts in earnest? Normally (for a normal, reproductively-healthy woman), it wouldn’t really matter much, but I need to know so I can know when to start my Clomid.
  • And then I worry, what if this is it? What if this is the heaviest my period will be this time? And what does that say for my reproductive health and the thickness of my endometrial lining?

I’m probably worked up over this for no reason. Tomorrow, it will be a blazing forest fire “down there” and I’ll breathe a sigh of relief…while popping lots of ibuprofen! And I’ll call the nurse and she’ll advise me when to start the Clomid and it will be no big deal. But right now, I’m just overwhelmed and scared and sad that, of all things, it’s my period I have to worry about.

And then there’s a completely separate issue…

After some careful thought, I decided to ask my OB/GYN for a prescription for Metformin. I talked to him today and he agreed…he’s great like that. Always willing to comply. But now I can’t decide if I actually want to take it.  I consulted Dr. Google for the possible side effects and they worry me. Diarrhea? Vomiting? It makes me ill just thinking about it. But I’ll be honest…the thing that is making me question this the most is that all of those gastrointestinal problems can be exacerbated by fatty and sugary foods. And while I try to eat healthy, I don’t always succeed. I do have a sweet tooth as wide and deep as the Pacific and as ongoing as the Energizer bunny. Really. And I have a road trip and my birthday just around the corner — I don’t much want to feel sick when I decide to indulge in something yummy. Especially when I don’t even know if I need Metformin, considering I’m not insulin resistant and I’ve never been diagnosed with PCOS.

So what do I do? Do I take the Metformin? Do I not? Do I wait until my life has slowed down a little bit (in mid-August)? But then will it be too late to have any effect on this cycle? Should I just wait until next cycle? Should I start taking it, maybe, if I conceive this time to help with the miscarriage risk, or will it be too late by then too? Should I just not even bother, given that we don’t know if I need it?

These are all the things going through my head right now. But to those of you who read this and have tried Metformin, will you, please, please be so kind as to tell me about your experience with this drug? How long did it take before it started working for you? Or did it not? Did you suffer any of those side effects I dread? How long until they went away? Was it all worth it for you??? I know none of you can make this decision for me, but I desperately need input.

Sigh. I hate feeling like things are out of my control, but sometimes I do think it’s easier. Because I’m, like, the most indecisive person ever. And when I do have control over something (like whether or not to take Metformin)…how do I ever decide what the right answer is, for me?


8 thoughts on “CD1?????

  1. CD1 = First day of flow. At my RE’s clinic if flow starts after 2pm, count the next day as CD1.

    Metformin… Where to begin? I took it. For years. Yes, the GI side effects are real. But, they simmer down as your body gets used to the Met. They didn’t go away, just simmered down. That said, the first taste of alcohol I had on Met was the last. I was violently ill from both ends for two hours from 1 (rather bottle sized) bit of wine. That said, I would take it again. I actually do not intend to get pregnant again without it. But, I am very insulin resistant. With my insulin levels being what they are, I can’t justify not taking it. Plus, only the pregnancy I stayed on past the first tri ended with a bring home baby.

    Only you can decide what’s right for you… You aren’t insulin resistant, though and have brought home a baby without it. I would tend to not take an additional drug without strong evidence that it’s benefits with outweigh the potential risks. But, that’s just me…

  2. My doctor says the first day of red blood is cd1 regardless of what time of day it is (every doctor is so different!). I never say this to anyone, but I hope AF starts with force tomorrow! 😉 I wonder if the progesterone pills are having an affect on it. Maybe they are still wearing off? I don’t have any experience with Met, unfortunately, but I know how hard it is to decide if the risks outweigh the benefits with these fertility related drugs. I hope you get some answers and pick an option that you feel comfortable with!

  3. I always considered first day of red blood as CD1. But I’d guess every MD has a different opinion on that? I wish you could get an immediate answer and not have all this confusion and frustration. IF sucks.

  4. Like others have said…I always counted the first day I had red blood as CD 1. I don’t think that it would be a problem to start Metformin if you are comfortable with it. I was never diagnosed with Insulin Resistance so my RE was hesitant to put me on it, but then my Endo said “It won’t hurt anything!” so I went ahead. I’m still on it actually. Good luck!

  5. There’s not much agreement by doctors on what CD1 which is so confusing. From what I’ve learned, brown spotting is not considered CD1, no matter how much it is. I guess red blood is CD1.

    I think progesterone might have an effect on how you start though. Keep in mind, I don’t really know anything. Maybe the progesterone is a barrier and you have more spotting before the red stuff comes? That’s what happened with me this time.

  6. I don’t know anything about Met, but I do know about CD1 and spotting. I never had spotting until I was in my late 20s (I’m now 33). So I learned that CD1 is the first ‘heavy’ day of blood flow, or at least heavier than spotting. Spotting does not count. I hate spotting. It’s like your uterus is playing a trick on you by making your period least longer and laughing that it doesn’t really count.

  7. Metformin is actually MORE effective in PCOS patients who have much LOWER insulin levels, so don’t let your apparent lack of insulin resistance on the lab slip be the only thing that stops you fom trying it). My fasting insulin was only 11, and metformin worked wonders for me in that I was ovulating later and later each cycle on Clomid and needing higher doses of Clomid and then when I started metformin I no longer needed Clomid after a couple of months. The GI side effects aren’t bad for everyone. Mine were minimal and gone within a few days (I don’t drink any alcohol though so I can’t speak to any possible side effects from mixing them together). GI side effects can also be minimized by going up to the goal dose very slowly (stay on jut 500 mg a day for at least a couple of weeks before going up to 1000 mg a day and so on).

  8. Know how you feel battling with decisions… so hard to know what to do 😦 Sorry but I don’t have any experience with Metformin… my clinic counts CD1 as when you have ‘full flow’ AF before midday. Thinking of you xoxo

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