It was less than a week ago when I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow. No acne!” Just one, tiny little zit at the corner of my mouth. Nothing that can’t be ignored…or hidden.

In fact, in recent years (perhaps ever since I conceived my daughter), my skin has been a lot clearer than it was before that. Not clear, mind you. But better.

And then two days ago, Zitfest happened. One painful, cystic pimple on my nose and several other, smaller ones in the small space between my eyebrows and around the corners of my mouth.  Um..what? I look like a teenager going through my second puberty! Except I rarely had breakouts in my adolescence. It wasn’t until my 20’s when bad skin decided to knock me (and my confidence) down. (Just one more way my body is a little messed up.)

So now I get the joy of wearing a heavy layer of foundation every waking second because I don’t want even my husband to see me like this, me and all my zits. (Though when I told him this, he asked straight-faced, “What zits?” He’s very sweet that way.)

But I do have one secret zit-be-gone weapon up my sleeve: Mylanta. Or Maalox. Take your pick, but please don’t laugh. I heard about it on the Today show some time ago and, though I was skeptical (as I often am), I tried it. And it really works! Just apply some Mylanta to your pimply areas with a cotton ball and let it go to work. It’s not a cure-all. It doesn’t zap them like magic in the time it takes you to swallow your spit. But it does reduce redness and swelling (and quickly!) and it does help those ugly zits to go on their way a little sooner. I often apply it right before bed and wake up to find the pimples have diminished significantly…or are nearly gone. And if I’m really desperate, I’ll apply it several times (sometimes hourly) throughout the day and, in a day or two, things have hugely improved. It really is amazing!

And so now, me and my fairly-well-hidden and already-deflated pimples are on our way to church. I think we all need a little God today.


2 thoughts on “Zitfest

  1. Of all the things I never would have guessed would make zits magically disappear, Mylanta is probably near the top of the list. Too bad I didn’t know about this earlier in the week when I was in breakout hell! Next time. (Because there’s always a next time.)

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