Over the weekend, I took my daughter, who is 19 months old, to the park. I have a fancy new camera that I wanted to play with. (In my case, “new” is fairly relative as I’ve had this camera a year now. It just feels new to me because I’m still learning how to use it.)Β  I took lots of pictures, all of them of Cupcake.

I usually refrain from posting photos of her here as this is an anonymous blog and I feel a fierce need to protect her and our family in such a public format. I am also hyper-aware that many of my readers are still struggling to conceive their first child and have no interest in seeing or hearing about my beautiful offspring. However, she is very cute. And I want you to know me and you can’t know me without knowing what makes me me, and a big part of that is being a mother. I won’t do this often, but without further ado, here she is…my greatest accomplishment, my very heart, and my whole world:

On a good day, I see this girl and think nothing of my loss, or my struggle, and only how very blessed I really am.

4 thoughts on “Introducing…Cupcake!

  1. Sorry that I’m so far behind on your news 😦 Your daughter is adorable :)) Wonderful photos… and she looks so happy πŸ™‚ Our little ones bring such light into our lives. Love to you both xoxo

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