I’m Fruity.

So here is what I had for lunch today:

Cheese and fruit — healthy, no?

And my afternoon snack yesterday:

A big glass of fruit — because the glass was prettier than a bowl

I’m fruity and I’m proud of it.

I’ve been spending a lot of our grocery budget, and a lot of my calories, on fruit lately. Eating fruit is nothing new to me. I have always loved it (don’t ask me about vegetables though, or I may be forced to lie). But I have never made a meal of it. I have never taken such pleasure in every sweet, juicy bite. I’m passionate about carbs. Real carbs…not the lame carbs that fruit provides. And I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas. Yes, I like my bread and dessert morning, noon, and night. But right now, I’m loving my fruit too.

Full disclosure: I did have hot chocolate and a brownie for breakfast. I never claimed to be perfect! But I’m trying. Does that count at all? I’m trying not just for the sake of my diet, but because I want to be healthy. I want to do what I can to increase my fertility and give any tiny baby we create along the way the best odds possible.

So it’s not just fruit and cheese I’m eating. It’s vitamins. In researching infertility and miscarriage, I came across a discussion about which vitamins can help with ovulatory issues and which ones have some science to show in preventing recurrent miscarriages. And so in addition to my prenatal, I’m also taking extra Vitamin C, Calcium, B6, Copper, and omegas. That’s not mentioning the tiny baby aspirin I take once a day. Am I overdoing it? Probably. Because that’s what I do. I overdo everything. I’m an overachiever, and not the good kind. Sometimes, I worry I’m really over-overdoing it, in the sense that I’m killing my liver for the off-chance that I may be saving a potential baby. I’ll ask my doc about that when I see him, but for now, this is what I’m doing. I’m trying.

Or trying to control that which can’t be controlled.

One or the other.


2 thoughts on “I’m Fruity.

  1. I have a friend who just wrote a short essay about this very thing–trying too hard–and how her doctor told her to stop taking supplements immediately because she was nearing toxic levles. But I’m sure that’s not what you’re doing! 😉 And fruit is full of good carbs, right?

    • Nope, I’m not taking THAT many vitamins. I did research on that too (I’m the Google queen!) to make sure I wasn’t poisoning myself…or any future baby. But I imagine, possibly, that it can just stress the system by taking too many supplements. I heard that somewhere, but I’m not sure how many is “too many.” Eek! Why does everything have to be so complicated???

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