In Memory

Today, on Memorial Day, I remember…

…my beloved Grandmother, who gave me the red highlights in my hair, my love for photography and ice cream, and my willingness to accept whatever adventure lies ahead.

…my beloved Grandfather, who proudly fought for his country and loved nothing more than a good game of cards and a weekend spent with his family.

…my paternal grandparents, who were never my friends, but who I know did the best they could and who were more generous than anyone else I have ever known.

…my uncle, who could always make me laugh and who died much too young.

…my kitty cat Frosty, who was my first baby and my best friend.

…and most especially my heaven baby, my Teddy Graham, who never got a chance at life and who is loved just as much as any child I have given birth to.

Today and always, I still love and miss every one.


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